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CIC rejects plea seeking publication of procedure followed by SC for designating “Senior Advocates” [Read Order]

The Central Information Commission has rejected a plea seeking publication of procedure followed by Supreme Court for designating an advocate as ‘Senior Advocate’.

Dr. Satish Chandra, had sought details about Rules/Guidelines governing designation of an Advocate as Senior Advocate. The CPIO of the Supreme Court responded that the information sought was available on the website of the Supreme Court and could be downloaded. Dissatisfied with the answers and further after dismissal of his first appeal, he approached CIC.

Before CIC, he contended that, Rules which he could obtain from SC website, do not give any clarity about number of years of standing at the Bar or description or nature of special knowledge etc. He also sought a  direction from CIC to be given to the Hon’ble Supreme Court to publish a procedure followed in the decision making process and norms set by it for the discharge of its function for designating an advocate as ‘ Senior Advocate’.

Dismissing his appeal, the CIC held, “it is clear that the opinion of the Chief Justice and Judges is the only criteria to designate an Advocate as Senior Advocate. The respondent has indicated that no procedure has been prescribed as per the record with them”.

Read the order here.

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