On World Refugee Day…

The notion of a ‘refugee crisis’, so heavily judgment-driven and emotionally charged, has, through its continuous replication, achieved so far three objectives: the impression of

Abatement Of Criminal Appeals

Every appeal by the State or Central Government under Section 377 (against inadequacy of the sentence) or under Section 378

Why Aadhaar Act is a Black Act -Part II

Database state is an exercise in outsourcing of government through technologies that govern individuals to admittedly undemocratic entities wherein the

Why Aadhaar Act is a Black Act? Part I

Ever wondered as to why bankers are immensely interested in biometric identification and verification of citizens? Biometric identification implies that

Weed Out Evergreen Patents

A recently published report “Pharmaceutical Patent Grants in India: How our safeguards against evergreening have failed and why the system

Why Can’t CM And PM Be Elected

The Karnataka crisis has reinvented the question – why can’t the Chief Minister of a State or Prime Minister of

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