“Some Elements Endeavouring To Weaken Institution”: CJI Dipak Misra

“Some Elements Endeavouring To Weaken Institution”: CJI Dipak Misra

Chief Justice Dipak Misra has made an indirect reference to several issues which resulted in crisis within the judiciary.

Speaking at the Independence Day function at the Supreme Court he said “to criticize, attack and destroy the system is quite easy what is difficult and challenging is to transform it into a performing one. For that one has to transcend one’s personal ambitions or grievances rather constructive steps need to be taken with positive mindset”

He hastened to add: “Let us not identify with anyone… there may be some elements who may endeavor to weaken the institution”, he said.

Justice Misra had faced public criticism from four of senior most judges of the SC in November last year.

Claiming democracy was at stake, four senior judges had pointed fingers at the "administration of the Supreme Court" and flagged their concerns about the assignment of "sensitive cases to junior judges".

In April 2018, more than 60 Rajya Sabha Members belonging to seven political parties signed the notice for initiating impeachment proceedings against him and presented before Rajyasbaha Chairman. Chairman Mr. Venkaiah Naidu rejected the impeachment motion holding that there were no sufficient grounds warranting impeachment