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Can Apollo Marry Hyacinth In India ?Can Apollo Marry Hyacinth In India ?

Homoerotic narratives have never been a novelty in the western culture. In Greek mythology, Apollo loved Hyacinth, a handsome Spartan prince. Their gleeful love affair even defied death. The loving...

One-Sided Justice- Writes Justice (Rtd) Madan LokurOne-Sided Justice- Writes Justice (Rtd) Madan Lokur

Eleanor Roosevelt said: Justice cannot be for one side alone, but must be for both. Was justice done to the Supreme Court staffer who made two allegations on affidavit - firstly of unwanted physical...

Sexism In Courts: A Daily Reality
Sexism In Courts: A Daily Reality

When a female senior advocate faltered with her arguments last week at the Madras high court, the judge asked her if she had had a busy morning in the kitchen that day. The entire court hall laughed...

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