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Beg Pardon For Your Stupid Actions: Ram Jethmalani Tells Justice Karnan In Open Letter [Read Letter]

If you do not know the enormity of your madness, do meet me and I might put some sense in your head, Ram Jethmalani wrote.

“You have lost your mind,” nonagenarian senior lawyer Ram Jethmalani has told Justice CS Karnan in a ‘brief’, but scathing open letter.

A copy of the letter addressed to the controversial judge has been uploaded on his website.

Jethmalani said he has great concern and sympathy for the backward classes and added that the Justice Karnan is causing great damage to their interest.

Advising Justice Karnan to pray for pardon for “stupid actions”, Jethmalani said:”In this corruption dominated country, our judiciary is the only protection. Do not destroy it or even weaken it.”

The Supreme Court on Friday had issued a bailable warrant against Justice Karnan for his failure to appear before the bench in a suo-motu contempt proceeding against him for openly accusing judges of corruption.

Justice Karnan hit back with an order directing the Central Bureau of Investigation to investigate and file a report against the seven-judge bench and Attorney General Mukul Rohatgi.

Read the letter here.

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  • C. J. Joveson says:

    Senior Advocate, Mr. Ram Jethmalani, the pride of India, the crown of criminal defence advocacy, world legend, the matchless orator, fearless and agile, these are the titles I had in my mind for him, before he belittled himself by offering his “advice” to justice Karnan after almost calling Justice Karnan a stupid, a fool or someone who has lost his mind! To say the least , Mr. Ram Jethmalani has contradicted his own virtues by writing that “advise” to Justice Karnan!

  • Pardeep Sharma says:

    Today Supreme Court has become biggest battle ground of appointed judges of Congress vs BJP.In common nutshell common man do not get justice.Justice Hemant Gupta of Patna high Court is being made chief justice of madya pardesh high Court inspite of the fact he is one of key accuse in more than 1000 cr money along with Chetan Mittal additional solicitor now posted in punjab Haryana high Court and his brother Mukesh Mittal.E.D Chandigarh is ceased of the matter.Mukesh Mittal wrote a letter to Arun jetly minister of Finiance to transfer the matter to Delhi and matter is transferred.In how many cases a accused in money laundering writes a letter to Arun jetly minister of Finiance and gets transferred the matter.Chetan Mittal additional solicitor now being made justice of Punjab and Haryana high Court because all these are sons of RSS.It shows today party culture comes first nation comes to 2nd… Shameless judiciary

  • Shri Gopal Soni says:

    It is the famous tactics of a few elite ones (almost in all poor nations of south asia) to divert attention from the main issue by arguing upon few cliches.e.g. dalit, backward, deshbhakt, sevak, humble ,honorable etc.
    There is one thing common in both the writer of the letter and the intended recipient; both are privileged and both know about the fallacies.

  • Vinita says:

    Till when are Muslims going to enjoy Minority status? Their number has increased enormously. Does our government never amend the laws once made and now no more required? Very much like the caste based reservation which was to be removed after certain period of time but still exists?
    We have census records which prove that Muslims are no more in minority.

  • S Prakash Reddy says:

    This is sensible advise and better that Mr. Kannan heeds to it. There is a way of dealing with things and kannan, being part of the judiciary should have known it. Only because he is a judge, it does not entitle him to do anything he wants. When he is stripped of all judicial work, his can he order the CBI to investigate against the judges named by him? Gas he forgot the law? Let him not kill the little honor that people have for the judiciary.

  • Rajinder Verma says:

    If only the Backward classes had Class….. this stupid High Court has only proved a point ….. Reservations only in Class IV & III appointments ….. thereafter Merit!!!!! NFU is a National fraud!!!!!!