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Breaking: Question Paper Leak -Punjab & Haryana HC Scraps Haryana Judicial Service Preliminary Exam 2017

The Punjab and Haryana High Court has scrapped the Haryana Judicial Service [HCS(JB)] Preliminary Examination-2017  held on 16.7.2017.

The Registrar General of Punjab and Haryana High Court on Thursday announced that the examination is scrapped by the High Court.

The Recruitment/Promotion/ Court Creation Committee (Subordinate Judicial Services) of the High Court, prima facie, finding that some of the candidates had access to the question paper, had recommended the scrapping of HCS (JB) preliminary examination held on 16.7.2017.

The Committee had submitted the recommendations before the full Bench of High Court hearing petitions challenging the examination.

Noticing that there were total 760 calls and SMSs exchanged between Dr. Balwinder Sharma, Registrar (Recruitment) and Ms. Sunita during last one year, disciplinary action against Dr. Balwinder Sharma, Registrar (Recruitment) has been recommended. He has been recommended to be transferred forthwith from the post pending further action. Further recommendation has been made for registration of FIR for further probe regarding leakage of question paper.

 The recommendations made by the Committee read as follows;

(a) In view of the prima facie finding that at least two candidates namely Ms. Sunita and Sushila had the question papers and therefore the possibility that other candidates may have also had access to the question paper cannot be ruled out; in such circumstances, purity of the examination having been lost, the Committee recommends that the HCS (JB) Preliminary Examination 2017 held on 16.7.2017 be scrapped.

(b) Keeping in view the finding that Dr. Balwinder Sharma, Registrar (Recruitment) unequivocally stated that he had no prior acquaintance with Ms. Sunita (the topper in general category), while the call details given by the service provider reveal that there were a total of 760 calls and SMSs exchanged between Dr. Balwinder Sharma and Ms. Sunita during the last one year, indicate that the matter requires a deeper probe. Therefore, the Committee recommends that regular enquiry be initiated against Dr. Balwinder Sharma, Registrar (Recruitment) on the basis of preliminary enquiry.

(c) Dr. Balwinder Sharma, Registrar (Recruitment) be transferred forthwith from this post pending further action.

(d) An FIR be lodged against Ms. Sunita, Ms. Sushila and Dr. Balwinder Sharma, Registrar (Recruitment) to further probe the act of leakage of question paper of HCS (JB) Preliminary Examination 2017.

 The Full bench has posted the case on September 15 for further hearing.


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