The Ignoble Ways Of Legal Profession

To salvage the lost nobility of legal profession, it is necessary to send a strong message by throwing out the goons in gowns from the

‘Committed To People Not To Government’

In the Harvard Club of India hosted conversation between Mr. Karan Thapar and Justice Chelameswar on 7th April 2018, Journalist Thapar had posed a question

Set Off Under Section 428 Cr.P.C

Section 428 of the Code of Criminal Procedure, 1973 (the “Cr.P.C” for short) enabling an accused person to set off

In Defence Of The Offensive

While many detractors of the AAP sneered at Kejriwal’s “backtracking” for apologizing to politicians Nitin Gadkari, Kapil Sibal and Bikram

The Politics Of Judicial Appointments

“It is perfectly possible to pervert the Constitution, without changing its form, by merely changing the form of the administration


When speech is the duty, it is a sin to be silent. The hottest place in hell is reserved for

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