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Letter On Linking Aadhaar With Land Records ‘Fake And Mischievous’: Centre

The Centre has clarified that the letter attributed to the Cabinet Secretariat, regarding linking land records to Aadhaar, is “fake and mischievous”.

Mr. Frank Noronha, the Principal Spokesperson of Government of India and Principal Director General of Press Information Bureau, rubbished such claims. Taking notice of the purported letter from the Cabinet Secretariat dated June 15, 2017, complete with a signature of an under-Secretary, Mr. Noronha said that a police complaint has been lodged and the matter is under investigation.

The statement was issued by the Government after reports doing the rounds that the Centre was planning to link all land records with the Aadhaar number under the Digital India Land Records Modernization Program (DILRMP).

The letter, with the subject of ‘digitization of land records since 1950’ had claimed that the Centre  is planning to bring a law making it mandatory for such linkage, and that the properties not linked shall be considered for ‘appropriate action’ under the Benami Transactions (Amended) Act. It was issued on June 15, and was addressed to Chief Secretaries of States and UTs, Additional Chief Secretaries of State and UTs, Lt Governor Delhi, NITI Aayog and a copy was also sent to the Prime Minister’s Office for record.

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  • kiran k bade says:

    even if it is made compulsory for further sale /purchase /gift /donations of immovable properties it will serve the purpose .secondly most important for agri .lands .No wonder if you see a 7/12 record of a land having area of 1.2 hect and 5/10/15/25/persons as holders ..I have seen with 39 persons as holder and a more surprise land is a dry land only rain fed …how many of them must be using this record as a cultivator and having loans on it .this is very common in our state ,because even you can get a loan for smart phone only you have to do ,,,your name should be first on 7/12 and add other s well begin will be half done ..better late than never ..and if done fro, 150 super ..what ever may be the cost do it right now and plan a better future also the house /land cases ..