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Student’s Death In School: SC To Hear Armaan’s Parents’ Plea For CBI Probe On Monday

The Supreme Court on Monday will hear the petition moved by parents of Armaan Sehgal, a 9-year- old boy who died mysteriously in GD Goenka Public School in Indirapuram recently.

The parents, Swati and Gulshan Sehgal, approached the Supreme Court on Thursday morning seeking a CBI probe into their son’s death, among other reliefs.

Their petition was mentioned this morning before the court, which ordered for it to be listed for Monday.

Their counsel Gurmeet Singh said the parents have sought a CBI probe for justice for their son to ensure a safer environment in schools for children.

Armaan Sehgal was a Class IV student of GD Goenka School at Ghaziabad’s Indirapuram. On August 1, his father dropped him at the school at 7.50 am. The parents received a phonecall sometime later about the incident. They rushed to Shanti Gopal hospital, but were told that Armaan was brought dead to the hospital. The documents show Armaan was brought to the hospital at 8 am.

The school said Armaan had slipped in the corridor near his classroom and died.

A medical room staff said Armaan was also kept in the school’s medical room for about 5 minutes.

It is to be noted that the parents of 7-year-old Pradyuman Thakur, who was murdered inside Ryan International in Gurugram, have also moved the SC for a CBI probe.

In Armaan’s case, the parents have been alleging foul play as they claim that his post-mortem report clearly indicates fracture of the base of skull and fracture of the nasal bone.

“Aforesaid two injuries cannot be possibly caused simultaneously by a fall of Armaan Sehgal in the corridor, as the accused made us to believe,” their counsel Mr Singh said.

The parents had earlier moved the National Human Rights Commission seeking to know the status of the probe into Armaan’s death while alleging that the police have failed to look into various aspects such as the visible signs of CCTVs having been removed from the corridor where Armaan allegedly suffered the fatal fall.

Mr Singh has also sought probe into the angle of lack of preparedness of medical room in the school for any emergency and absence of a qualified doctor.

It is to be noted that Armaan was taken in the hospital in the car of a teacher, as there was no ambulance. There was no oxygen or any trained medical staff in the medical room of the school.

The parents have been vocal about collusion between school and hospital to cover up their son’s death.

Reeling under the shock still, they have also complained against the school management for wiping clean the corridor where Armaan had suffered the fall and removing the CCTV.

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