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Law impacts the society in a big way and is deeply embedded in our social world. The pursuit of social change, therefore, involves an engagement with law. In India, the social dimension of law becomes especially relevant considering the fact that legal services remain largely inaccessible to the common man.

During the past five decades, law and the legal profession have undergone a metamorphosis, not just in India but the world over. Both have matured as a natural response to the world becoming a global village. Today, there are also new challenges and newer forms of competition. Those in the bar and the bench are expected to perform their roles with greater ethics and more responsibility.

Live Law is a comprehensive legal news portal and is set to redefine the standards of legal journalism in India. Our endeavour is to bring in more transparency in legal reporting without lowering the supremacy of law.

Editorial Policy

Live Law is accountable to ‘Rule of Law’ and committed to provide our readers with accurate, bold, unbiased news, views, opinions, and features. Live Law is receptive to constructive criticism and wholeheartedly welcomes comments which can help us in our mission.

Editorial Advisory Board

Justice KT Thomas , Former Judge, Supreme Court of India

Justice U.L.Bhat. Former Chief Justice, High Court of Madhya Pradesh and Gauhati High Court

Raju Ramachandran, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Chander Uday Singh, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India

Prof. Shamnad Basheer, Founder- Spicy IP & IDIA

Abha Thapalyal Gandhi, Former Publishing Director, LexisNexis



M.A.Rashid is a Lawyer turned Writer and Commentator. He started www.answeringlaw.com, one of the first Legal Websites in India. He has authored many books for Lawyers and Law Students. He revised the “RatanLal Dhiraj Lal INDIAN PENAL CODE [34th Ed.PB and 33rd Ed. HB] with Justice K.T.Thomas.   Rashid is also an Editorial Consultant with LexisNexis.

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Sukriti Singh (Law School)  Email : sukriti@livelaw.in

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