'Don't Waste Time Gossiping In Canteen; Sit In Court & Observe How Other Advocates Argue': Supreme Court Judge Advises Young Lawyer

Update: 2022-12-01 11:05 GMT

'Don't waste your time gossiping in the Court canteen, in your free time, sit in Court and observe how other advocates are arguing', was the advice that Supreme Court judge Justice MR Shah passed on to a young advocate on Thursday.

Recalling his initial days in Court, Justice MR Shah said that he was often asked to sit in courts and observe how other advocates were arguing their cases.
"Sit in Court whenever you can, that's what I was taught when I was at the Bar in the beginning. Whenever you are free, sit in the courtroom. Learn, how others are arguing. What is liked by the Court… Correct?"
Pointing to the senior counsels who were waiting for their cases in the Court, Justice Shah said,
"Look at other counsels, See, Mr. Giri, see Mr. Dave. There are so many people. You can learn from everybody, sir."
Justice Shah also advised the lawyer not to show any over-enthusiasm while appearing before the Court.
"So, this is another thing, don't show any over-enthusiasm, because sometimes the Court may change the mind."
"I understand that", the advocate said, in response.
The bench, also consisting of Justice Sudhanshu Dhulia, was hearing a bail application.


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