Supreme Court on Loan Moratorium And Waiver of Interest: Live-Updates of Supreme Court

Update: 2020-12-08 05:47 GMT
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2020-12-08 09:23 GMT

Bench reassembles after a 5-7 minute break.

SG says he will now take only 10 more minutes.

I want to put forth Judgments which set out the “Limited scope of judicial review on economic matters”.

2020-12-08 09:18 GMT

The bench has risen for a short break as of now.

2020-12-08 09:09 GMT

Solicitor General coughs and drinks water.

Take a break Mr. mehta! Says Justice Shah

This is the seasonal cough My lord, says SG

“People are remembering you! Borrowers remembering you Mr. Mehta!,” Justice Shah says

“Yes and Depositors too!” SG laughs

2020-12-08 09:04 GMT

Relief for eligible borrowers already available in scheme, SG says

2020-12-08 08:56 GMT

Section 13 enabling provision and discretionary which is exercised by the NDMA. SG stresses on the word “may” stipulated in the section.

2020-12-08 08:47 GMT

All ministries will have to function in the disaster in terms if sections 35 & 37 of the DMA, says SG

2020-12-08 08:45 GMT

All the written decisions are taken with approval and the initiation of decisions under the Act are taken by the PMO who is the Chairman of the NDMA, says SG

2020-12-08 08:40 GMT

SG is elaborating on the implications of the Disaster Management Act.

He says that the effect of this disaster (Covid19) was of such nature that it could not be dealt with by one ministry.

2020-12-08 08:39 GMT

Overall coordination is with the HMO which coordinates with nodal agencies which are specific to disaster management, says SG

2020-12-08 08:38 GMT

Bench assembles.

Solicitor General has resumed submissions.

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