DLSA: Culmination Ceremony Of Project “Aaroh: Vidhik Sewa Ke Badhte Kadam”

Update: 2023-11-21 07:19 GMT
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The Delhi State Legal Services Authority recently commemorated National Legal Services Day, observing "Legal Services Week" from November 1st to 7th, 2023, through the platform of Project Aaroh: Vidhik Sewa ke Badhte Kadam. DSLSA curated a series of purposeful programs tailored for specific groups during this enlightening project, embodying the spirit of legal service and outreach.

“The Culmination Ceremony: Celebrating Triumphs and Paving the Path Ahead"

The Culmination ceremony of Project “Aaroh: Vidhik Sewa ke Badhte Kadam” that took place on November 20, 2023, at High Court of Delhi, was a significant occasion graced by the esteemed presence of Justice Manmohan, Acting Chief Justice, High Court of Delhi & Executive Chairperson, DSLSA,  Justice Rajiv Shakdher, Judge, Delhi High Court & Chairperson (Designate), DHCLSC, Justice Suresh Kumar Kait, Judge, Delhi High Court, Justice V. Kameswar Rao, Judge, Delhi High Court, Justice Dr. Sudhir Kumar, Justice Swarna Kanta Sharma Judge, Delhi High Court, Justice Tushar Rao Gedela, Judge, Delhi High Court, Justice Saurabh Banerjee, Judge, Delhi High Court, Justice Girish Kathpalia, Judge, Delhi High Court and Justice Manoj Jain, Judge, Delhi High Court. The Judicial Officers of Delhi State Legal Services Authority, Sh. Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Member Secretary, DSLSA, Sh. Naveen Gupta, Special Secretary, DSLSA, Sh. Mridul Gupta, Additional Secretary, DSLSA, Sh. Abhinav Pandey, Secretary (Litigation), DSLSA, and Secretaries of the District Legal Services Authorities, who supervised the minute details of the programme under the guidance of the Executive Chairperson, were also present, along with Sh. Kanwaljeet Arora, Ld. Registrar General, Delhi High Court, Ld. Principal District and Sessions Judges and Senior Judicial Officers from Delhi District Courts. Sh. Sanjay Beniwal, Director General (Prisons) was also present.

Glimmers of Grandeur: Unveiling the Splendor of Event Highlights:

  • The ceremony began with a moment of sublime spirituality through an empowering performance by a group of talented transwomen artists who crafted a captivating rendition of Ganesh Vandana. In the spotlight of elegance and grace, Ms. Anuradha Jindal, Ld. Secretary, South-West DLSA, was the anchor for the evening.
  • Nukkad Natak: The stage came alive with the vibrant hues of storytelling, as a mesmerizing Nukkad Natak unfolded, painting a vivid canvas of a spectrum of topics, with a dedicated focus on enlightening and empowering the captivated audience.
  • Welcome Address by the Member Secretary, DSLSA: Embarking on this journey of reflection and accomplishment, the evening was set in motion with words of warmth and gratitude, skilfully woven by Sh. Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Ld. Member Secretary, DSLSA. As the Principal Architect who crafted the very soul of Project Aaroh, he guided the gathering through the journey of the Project, embodying the motto of DSLSA- "Sewa Samadhan Samarpan", shedding light on the initiatives that were slated to be launched during the ceremony, adding a touch of simplicity and elegance to the unfolding narrative. Embarking on a visual journey, the gathering was transported through the narrative of Project Aaroh. Each frame captured the milestones, challenges, and triumphs that defined the collective pursuit of legal empowerment.
  • Sh. Abhinav Pandey, Secretary (Litigation), DSLSA, introduced four ambitious launches of the evening.
  • Launch of Legal Services Information Booklet: The "Legal Literacy Information Booklet", was launched by the dignitaries present on the dias. This powerful tool disseminates crucial information, ensuring every individual knows their rights and avenues for justice. Rooted in the belief that justice is a right, not a privilege, this initiative extends DSLSA's reach to the marginalized, making justice accessible through knowledge. Explore the booklet for services offered by DSLSA and access points. (LINK- https://drive.google.com/file/d/1TEPtnQ0qF03bRjG_YB7-ZNNPMPdrc8p5/view?usp=drive_link)
  • Launch of Compendium of Rules and Regulations of DSLSA: Navigating the complex sea of regulations, the gathering was guided through the unveiling of the comprehensive Compendium—a detailed guide to the rules and regulations governing DSLSA's noble mission, which was duly inaugurated by the esteemed dignitaries present on the dias.
  • Motivational Address by Justice Suresh Kumar Kait, Judge, High Court of Delhi: In the realm of inspiration, the words of  Justice Suresh Kumar Kait, resonated, revealing profound insights into the transformative power embedded within the heart of legal services. He went on to inspire not just the gathering but also urged DSLSA to envision new pathways, pioneering endeavors to champion the cause of marginalized sections of our society.
  • Launch of Project “Swavlamban” for Rehabilitation and Reintegration of Convicts: An initiative dedicated to the rehabilitation and reintegration of individuals on their redemptive journey. In extending legal services, support, and rehabilitation, the objective is to dismantle the cycle of despair and resentment, nurturing a society that embraces second chances and recognizes the potential for positive transformation.
  • Launch of Geotagging App "Samarpan": A geotagging app designed to streamline and enhance the efficiency of legal services, rendering justice more accessible to all. This real-time monitoring system ensures transparency, directing legal services precisely where it's needed.
  • Keynote Address by Justice Rajiv Shakdher, Judge, High Court of Delhi & Chairperson (DHCLSC): Delving into the intellectual abyss, he explored into the evolving legal landscape and the profound impact of initiatives like Project Aaroh. Further, He articulately conveyed the imperative need for intervention in the realm of substance abuse within Delhi, emphasizing the pivotal role DSLSA could play in its eradication.
  • Commendation Ceremony for Para Legal Volunteers and Legal Service Advocates: In a heartfelt tribute, the unsung heroes—Para Legal Volunteers (PLVs) and Legal Service Advocates (LSAs) were acknowledged and appreciated for their unwavering dedication instrumental in the triumph of Project Aaroh.
  • Presidential Address by Justice Manmohan, Acting Chief Justice of High Court of Delhi & Executive Chairperson, DSLSA: His reflections and aspirations not only illuminated the path forward for legal services but also delved into the crucial importance of inclusivity, aligning with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). In his insightful address, he emphasized the transformative power of a diverse and inclusive approach, recognizing its role as a cornerstone in achieving broader societal progress and fostering a more just and equitable legal framework.
  • Performance by Theatre Group "Sukhmanch":
    In an artistic peak, the expressions of the theatre group "Sukhmanch" intricately crafted a mosaic of emotions, celebrating the achievements and indomitable spirit that defines the realm of legal service.
  • Vote of Thanks by Special Secretary, DSLSA: The symphony of gratitude echoed through the hall as Sh. Naveen Gupta, Ld. Special Secretary, DSLSA, extended heartfelt thanks to all individuals, organizations, and supporters who played a pivotal role in sculpting the success of Project Aaroh.


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