Pegasus Case- Supreme Court Hearing- Live Updates

Update: 2022-05-20 05:31 GMT

Supreme Court to hear the #Pegasus case today.

A bench led by the Chief Justice of India will consider the report submitted by the Court-appointed Committee.

Supreme Court constituted a committee, led by former Supreme Court Justice R.V. Raveendran for an independent investigation in the matter.

Live Updates
2022-05-20 05:50 GMT

 Technical Committee tells SC that it has received 29 mobile devices for examination and requests more time to finalize the report.

Supreme Court extends the time and asks the Committee to expedite the process & seeks a report preferably within 4 weeks. Case posted to July

2022-05-20 05:46 GMT

CJI Ramana dictates order : Technical Committee has sought some time. We direct technical committee to expedite examination of mobile devices received preferably in 4 weeks and send report to overseeing judge. List sometime in July.

2022-05-20 05:44 GMT

CJI: First aspect is the suspected malware etc. Second aspect is of Amendment of existing laws of surveillance, cyber security etc. First part is done by the committee.

Second is by judge and other 2 experts. So a comprehensive report will come.

2022-05-20 05:43 GMT

Sr Adv Sibal requests that the report be made public.

Solicitor General opposes : Please consider not doing so since it is an interim report.

2022-05-20 05:43 GMT

CJI Ramana : The gist is this. They have examined 29 mobiles. They have developed their own software. They have also issued notices to agencies including govt and journalist.

2022-05-20 05:41 GMT

CJI Ramana : Now, it is under process. We will give them time.

2022-05-20 05:41 GMT

CJI Ramana says technical committee has sought time till end of May 2022 to finalize its report. It has prayed time for submitting its report

2022-05-20 05:40 GMT

CJI Ramana : Technical committee has also recorded statements of journalists etc.

2022-05-20 05:39 GMT

CJI Ramana : The technical committe has informed the overseeing judge that it has tested 29 mobile devices suspected of malware infection.

2022-05-20 05:39 GMT

CJI says interim report from the Committee has been received


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