2nd International Seminar on Health, Human Rights and Intellectual Property Rights: Traditional Knowledge, 2016

Simran Sahni

19 Jun 2016 6:35 PM GMT

  • 2nd International Seminar on Health, Human Rights and Intellectual Property Rights: Traditional Knowledge, 2016

    The Centre of Health Law and Policy (CHLP), Centre for Human Rights (CHR) and Centre for Intellectual Property Rights (CIPR) under the aegis of NUALS is holding its annual International Seminar with the central theme as Traditional Knowledge in OCTOBER 21-23, 2016.

    This conference aims to explore the present framework regarding traditional knowledge and to highlight the possibilities of synergies and exchanges between traditional knowledge, human rights and health from an interdisciplinary perspective. This venture will discuss strategies for generating social, educational, intellectual, and economic opportunities by building relationships that engage, understand, and accommodate differences in the various rights on traditional knowledge, in the related domains of health, human rights and intellectual property rights.


    The organisers of the Seminar call upon the legal fraternity, academicians from law and other social science disciplines, research scholars, social activists, representatives of governmental and non-governmental organisations and students of relevant disciplines and other stakeholders to present their well-researched papers at the seminar.


    1. Conceptualising the notion of Traditional Knowledge in a Human Rights Perspective

    2. A Systemic Endeavor to Attain Public Health through Indigenous Health Care Systems – A Revisit

    3. Access to Accessibility and Affordability of TK based Health Care Systems

    4. Parameters of & Entree to Indigenous Healing Technologies

    5. Traditional Knowledge based rights: An IPR Perspective

    6. Technological Innovations and the Growing risks in conserving Traditional Knowledge- Need for an Affirmative Action

    7. Traditional Knowledge: Debating on an Interface between IPR & Human Rights in Realizing Right to Health & Health Care

    8. Emerging Challenges


    • An abstract not exceeding 500 words shall be submitted for consideration

    • Footnotes should follow 19th edition Blue Book standard of referencing

    • One Co-author is permitted.

    • All submissions shall be made online to hhi@nuals.ac.in.

    • Last date for submission of abstracts- July 10th, 2016

    • Last date for submission of Research Paper August- 20th, 2016

    • Last date for registration- September 5th, 2016


    • Registration Charges for Academicians/Teachers/Research Scholars and other Participants : Rs.2000

    • Registration Charges for Students (UG/PG) : Rs.500


    • Liji Samuel- Ph: 9497195387

    • Namitha K.L.- Ph: 9446450090

    • Dr. Athira P.S.- Ph: 9995230047

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