A Tribute To A Legend- S.Venkitasubramanya Ayyar


27 July 2018 6:59 AM GMT

  • A Tribute To A Legend- S.Venkitasubramanya Ayyar

    Shri S Venkitasubramanya Ayyar, Senior Advocate who had enriched the High Court of Kerala is no more with us. Shri SVS, as he is affectionately and respectfully addressed by all, leaves behind indelible imprints of immaculate perfection in the art of advocacy. A multitude of uncountable instances have revealed his court craft at its zenith, which remains unparalleled in the history of the High Court of Kerala. Shri SVS combined in himself the faculties of forensic factual analysis and ingenious legal interpretation.

    Shri SVS was born to late advocate R.Subramonia Ayyar, in 1933. After obtaining his Bachelor of Laws degree from the prestigious Madras Law College, he enrolled in 1955 as a lawyer and commenced his practice under the tutelage of his father, at Tiruvalla. In 1958, Shri SVS shifted his practice to Alleppey and was junior to late advocate Parthasarathy Iyengar, for a brief period, before setting up an independent practice. Shri SVS shifted his practice to the Kerala High Court in 1985 and was one of the first lawyers to be designated as Senior Advocate by the High Court of Kerala in 1990. Thereafter, Shri SVS’s journey to dizzying heights of the profession had been expeditious.

    Shri SVS was approachable to all and no legal problem was trivial to him. Shri SVS’s ability in enabling the questioner himself finding his answers was striking. Shri SVS had no hesitation to magnanimously accept adverse decisions, notwithstanding that his views were contrary. Shri SVS was a great listener and in spite of juniors being cynical to ask him or suggest a legal point, he used to profusely encourage and also guide them to be confident. Shri SVS always encouraged the junior members of the profession to be optimistic and reasonable.

    As a person to be blessed to become his junior, the author would recall with humility, gratitude and reverence, instances where Shri SVS had inspired him and gave him opportunity to work with his illustrious son Sri V.Giri, presently Senior Advocate, in the Supreme Court of India, in a number of important matters before the High Court of Kerala as well as in the Supreme Court of India. Shri SVS was a father figure to all his juniors. He used to enquire into each and every aspect concerning his juniors’s profession as well as life, and ensured that all of his juniors were well provided in profession as well as in their lives. Shri SVS was a guru in the real sense of that term-who removed the darkness of ignorance and the treasure of all knowledge. As Shri SVS guided people not only in legal aspects, but also in their living, he is G U R A V E  S A R V A L O K A A N A A M.

    After Shri SVS stopped coming to court, consequent upon the elevation of his illustrious son Sri V.Giri as a Judge of the High Court of Kerala, he welcomed anyone who needed his guidance. Shri SVS continued to inspire and guide lawyers and judges who sought his advice.

    Shri SVS was a tall human being, who had friends across all sections of society. The humanness in him was profound and pronouncing.

    Finally, Shri SVS leaves behind a vacuity that is ordained to remain as it is.

    K.S.Bharathan is an  Advocate at High Court of Kerala
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