Admission open for TERI University’s One Year LLM Programme

Aishwarya Dhakarey

23 Feb 2017 6:20 AM GMT

  • Admission open for TERI University’s One Year LLM Programme
    Teri University, New Delhi is offering one year LLM programme with specializations in (a) Environment and Natural Resources Law; and (b) Infrastructure and Business Law.

    1. Environment and Natural Resources Law

    The primary focus of TERI University LLM with specialization in Environment and Natural Resources Law stream is to understand how the legal framework can reorient economic activity towards sustainability.

    Specialized courses

    • International environmental law(Core)

    • Mining and mineral laws(Core)

    • Environmental aspects of business activities (Core)

    • Forest law and policy (Core)

    • Air & Water law (Elective)

    • Biotechnology law (Elective)

    • Hazardous waste law (Elective)

    • Climate change and law (Elective)

    1. Infrastructure and Business Law

    TERI University LLM with specialization in Infrastructure and Business Law will address the policies and laws relating to major sectors viz., transport (including railways and civil aviation), energy, telecommunications, urban infrastructure, and water.

    Specialized Courses

    • Legal aspects of bidding and public private partnership (Core)

    • Infrastructure project finance law (Core)

    • Contracts law and management (Core)

    • Business and taxation laws in infrastructure projects (Core)

    • Telecommunication law (Elective)

    • Urban infrastructure law and management (Elective)

    • Electricity law, reforms and practice (Elective)

    • Land acquisitions, resources conflict and management (Elective)

    Highlights of the LLM Programme

    • Courses designed in consultation with industry and focussing on national and international developments.

    • Courses aimed at balancing theoretical rigour and practical application.

    • Wide variety of optional courses taught by legal professionals. (Law firm partners, Retired Judges and Advocates)

    • Skills development through research assignments, group-works, and seminars.

    • Grants available for carrying out Dissertation on merit basis

    About the LLM programme

    • M. degree prepares a candidate to become a teacher, researcher, litigating lawyer or a corporate lawyer.

    • An inter-disciplinary perspective is required at this level and the course curriculum and pedagogy offered by TERI University correspond to the needs of such an interdisciplinary learning.

    • TERI University has been offering courses in law in various programmes over time. In addition, a number of short term programmes in law have been successfully organised in the recent past.

    • The research projects at TERI and TERI University have focused on legal issues in an interdisciplinary setting. These reports are good starting points for classroom discussions.

    Selection Process: Admission to the LL.M. programme is made on the basis of an all India online test and interview of shortlisted candidates.

    Application deadline: The last date to apply is May 7.
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