Advance Course on Economic Analysis of Constitutional Law by Centre for Law & Economic, Gujarat National Law University

Nikita Hora

17 Jun 2015 11:29 PM GMT

  • Advance Course on Economic Analysis of Constitutional Law  by Centre for Law & Economic, Gujarat National Law University

    The Centre for Law and Economic of Gujarat National Law University is organizing the course on Economic Analysis of Constitutional Law from August 1 to August 6, 2015.

    This course is designed to answer in details about the questions of consequences of the constitutional rules. The questions like “ Would you say the government is pretty much run by a few big interests looking out for themselves or it is run for the benefit of all people?” The course elaborate this simple questions from an economic power point of view (and especially public choice) reveals itself to be extremely fruitful to revisit classic legal doctrines and concepts.

    The main aim of the course is to offer participant some economic tools and thoughts to critically think about constitutional and public law in general:  to complement their knowledge of the “What”? With some insights about the “why?”

    Tentative  course content:

    Lecture 1: Introduction of Economic analysis of Constitutional law

    Lecture 2: Economic analysis of Representation and Democratic Election

    Lecture 3: Legislative Process

    Lecture 4: Rent seeking, the basic (is public interest the purpose of regulation?)

    Lecture 5: The choice of a regulatory strategy in the case of environmental law

    Lecture 6: Federalism and Economic Analysis

    Course duration;

    The course is designed to give the recipients both a holistic view of Law & Economic as a discipline and all the same provide opportunities to explore specific areas that are affected by its application. Lectures will be entirely conducted in English. This course will be done through 16 hours of intensive sessions (per day two hours).

    Who should Apply:

    The Centre invites legal scholars and students pursuing graduate or post graduate studies in the field of law and economics. Students in their ultimate or penultimate year integrating course would be preferred. Professionals in the field of policies making are also encouraged to participate.

    How to Apply:

    The course has a capacity for 30 participants. Please take note that the University will confirm participation on first cum first 30 applications. The application process would be closed after receiving first 30 candidates.

    Process of Registration

    In registration process, first- select certificate course on this payment gateway and then proceed to fill in the details to complete the online transaction. Click here for registration process:

    Note: Google Chrome will be suitable browser while making the payment.


    10 July, 2015 (till seats are available)

    Further Queries

    For any further queries email at or contact ShashiBhushan Sharma at +91-8128650840 and email address


    The accommodation during the period will be provided at the GNLU Campus, Koba ,Gandhinagar. Meals will be included and served at the breakfast hall at the Campus.


    GNLU Students – Rs 1000/-

    Other Students and Researchers – 1500/-

    Academicians and other Professional – 2,000/-

    Note: If the candidates are in need of accommodation then the extra cost details are mentioned below:

    Per day Rs. 500/- for Non- AC room.

    Per day Rs. 1500/- for AC room.

    This extra cost is to be borne by the particular candidate only.

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