Amity International Moot Court Competition, 2015

Nikita Hora

23 Aug 2015 5:36 PM GMT

  • Amity International Moot Court Competition, 2015

    The Amity University Noida is organizing International Moot Court Competition 2015. The moot proposition has been designed on established principles of international humanitarian law and refugee law which will provide Mooters with a panorama of unconventional and extraordinary legal issues to delve upon. The Competition simulates the forum of the International Criminal Court. This would be riveting experience for the participants to interpret and analyze the intricacies of international humanitarian law.


    October 8th- October 10th, 2015.


    ‘Amity University, UttarPradesh’


    1. Participation must be confirmed through an email send to by August 05, 2015. 

    1. For Indian teams and for teams participating from SAARC Countries the registrationfees shall be INR 3000/- through a demand draft in favor of ‘Amity University, UttarPradesh’ which must reach the Organizing Committee latest by August 17, 2015.

    1. All foreign teams (excluding teams from SAARC countries) shall be required to payUS $150 or 100€ as registration fee. 

    1. The participating teams shall be required to send a demand draft for the registrationfees along with the duly filled registration form.


    1. All recognized law schools, universities and institutions in India or abroad withminimum three year or higher duration of LL.B. courses shall be eligible to participate.

    1. Each participating team shall comprise of three members wherein two (2) members,shall be designated as Speakers and one (1) member as Researcher.

    1. No team shall contradict the composition mentioned above. No faculty member,coach, or a designated observer will be allowed to accompany the team.

    1. Accommodation shall be provided to the outstation teams only from the eve of thecompetition on a first come basis, i.e., 5:00 p.m. onwards on October 7, 2015. Accommodation shall be available to such participants till noon of the following day, i.e., October 11, 2015, after the last day of competition. Teams who intend to arrive prior or leave after the specified dates are required to make their own arrangements.


    1.Each Team participating in the Competition must prepare a memorandum on behalf ofthe Prosecutor and on the behalf of the Defendant.

    2.Each team must send its memoranda via e-mail to the O.C. at latest by September 20, 2015. Please note that no hard copies are to be submitted.

    3.Any  memorial  submitted  after  the  deadline  shall  be  subject  to  penalty  for  late submission. 

    4. The Memorial must contain the following parts only:

    1. Cover Page;
    2. Table of Contents;
    3. Index of Authorities;
    4. Statement of Jurisdiction;
    5. Questions Presented;
    6. Statement of Facts;
    7. Summary of Pleadings; and
    8. Pleadings (including Conclusion/Prayer for Relief). 

    1. Cover Page 

    The front cover of each Memorial must have the following information:

    1. The Team Code on the upper right-hand corner followed by ‘P’ for Memorandum on behalf of the Prosecutor and ‘D’ for Memorandum on behalf of the Defendant (e.g., Team allotted code number 23 shall write ‘23P’ on the top right hand corner of the front cover of its Memorial for the Prosecutor);
    2. The name of the court;
    3. The year of the Competition (the year during which the relevant Round takes place, for instance, The 5thAmity International Moot Court Competition, 2015)
    4. The name of the case; and
    5. The  title  of  the  document  (i.e.,  ‘Memorandum  on  behalf  of  theProsecutor’  or ‘Memorandum on behalf of the Defendant’);

    B.Index of Authorities

    The Index of Authorities must list all legal authorities cited in any part of the Memorial and must indicate the page number(s) of the Memorial on which each authority is cited. 


    Footnotes must be used to identify the source of statements or propositions made in the pleadings of the Memoranda. Endnotes are not permitted. The use of footnotes must be restricted to pleadings only. Participants are expected to follow Bluebook style of citation, 19th edition. Font size should be restricted to 10, Times New Roman, with single spacing. 


    The limitation on length must be kept in check on the bases of the following stipulations:

    1. The statement of facts, including section headings must be no longer than 2 pages.
    2. The summary of pleadings may not be longer than 2 pages.
    3. The total length of the Pleadings, including the section headings, conclusion/prayer for relief, and any associated footnotes, must be no longer than 30 pages.

    Presentation of the Memoranda

    The Memoranda shall be exchanged by pen drives only. The following colour schemes shall be followed for marking of the separate pen drives containing the Memoranda:

    Prosecutor- BLUE

    Defendant- RED.

    Formatting Specifications

    For Main Text:

    1. Font type: Times New Roman
    2. Font size: 12
    3. Line spacing: 1.5
    4. Body of text: Justified

    For Heading:

    1. Font type: Times New Roman
    2. Font size: 14

    For Cover Page:

    1. Font type: Times New Roman
    2. Font size: 16


    The participating teams shall be allotted a ‘Team Code’ after the registration. Teams ‘shallnot reveal identity’ in any form, except the Team Code allotted to them during theCompetition. Names of participants, nation or name of college of the Teams concerned must not appear on or within the Memoranda.


    The Competition shall consist of 4 Rounds:

    1. i. Researcher Test*
      The Preliminary Rounds;

    iii. The Quarter Finals

    1. The Semi Finals; and
    2. The Final.

    The side on which the Team will be arguing will be decided by a draw of lots, with the Teams picking the lots. The Teams will be provided with a pen drive containing the soft copy of their opponent’s Written Submission prior to the oral rounds. They are required to return the same after their rounds. 

    *The Researcher’s Test will be conducted online and shall be held on the first day of the Competition after the registration of the participating teams i.e., October 8, 2015.


    1. There will be a Trophy and attractive prizes for the ‘Winning team’ and‘Runner-Up team’.

    1. There will be a Trophy and attractive prizes for the ‘Best Memorial.’

    1. There will be awards and cash prizes for the ‘Best Counsel.’ The Best Counsel will bedetermined by highest score of all rounds that the contestant has argued divided by the number of rounds.

    1. There will be awards for the ‘Best Researcher.’ 

    1. All participants will get certificates of participation and all the winners of awardsspecified in V.1 to V.4 will get certificates of merit.


    1. The submissions pertaining to this moot shall be in soft copies.

    1. The teams are required to send the soft copies of their memorial submissions to in pdf format only. Memorials sent in any other format shall not be accepted.

    1. The teams are required to submit their memorial to the organizing committee on their arrival to the institution in two separate pen drives.

    1. The pen drive containing the submissions from the side of the Prosecutor shall be marked in blue and that of the respondents shall be marked in Red.
    2. The compendium submissions shall also be made through pen drives only.

    1. Since this moot is first of its kind, the teams are allowed to use digital gadgets such as mobile phones, laptops, tabs etc throughout the competition.

    1. 7. The researchers test shall be conducted online on the first day of the competition after the registration of the participating teams.

    1. The teams are allowed to refer to hard copies of bare acts and books, although the same is not encouraged.


     Abhinav Mishra (Convenor)  - +91- 9650110548 -

    Kritika Sharma (Deputy Convener) M +918860188129

    ‘Official website’shall refer to the official website of Amity International Moot CourtCompetition, 2015 at

    ‘Official blog’shall refer to the official blog of the Amity International Moot CourtCompetition, 2015 at 

    ‘Official Email’shall refer to the official email id of the Amity International Moot CourtCompetition, i.e.,

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