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2022-02-10 11:16:29.0

  • Chief Justice : We will direct that the institutions shall start. But till the matter is pending consideration before the Court,these students and all the stakeholders, they shall not insist on wearing religious garments, may be headdress or saffron shawl. We will restrain everyone. Because we want peace and tranquility in state. We are seized with the matter. We can continue the matter on a day to day basis.

    Kamat : What your lordships are saying, that would amount to a suspension of Article 25..

    CJ: But if you want us to decide the issue, then you will have to coopearte.

    Kamat : Kindly see we are being asked to choose between education and our conscience. Please don't..

    CJ : You have approached the Court, have faith in the Court.

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