Call For Interns: Think India’s Vidhi, Niti, Sansadiya & Anubhooti Programmes

aasavri Rai

13 Oct 2018 12:18 PM GMT

  • Call For Interns: Think India’s Vidhi, Niti, Sansadiya & Anubhooti Programmes

    Vidhi, the Litigation Internship Program of Think India, is a medium for law students to connect and involve with the diverse network of law practitioners striving for excellence in the field of law. Vidhi offers a 4-5 weeks’ internship program with leading lawyers and organizations. It is a legal internship with 50 prominent advocates, including senior advocates and ASGs of the Supreme Court and Delhi High Court such as ASG Vikramjit Bannerji, Madhavi Divan, Sidharth Luthra, Shekhar Naphade, Namit Saxena and others.

    The internship shall be held in two batches: 12th November to 15th December 2018, and 2nd January to 31st January 2019. The last dates for applications are 30th October and 30th November 2018, respectively, and there is a cap of 50 per batch.

    NitiThe Public Policy Internship Program of Think India promotes research by connecting students with the research organisations and think tanks based in Delhi. NITI aims at generating policy makers and researchers of tomorrow who will know how to make good policies and analyze the impact of policies on the society.

    Sansadiya: The Parliamentary Internship Program by Think India. With changing learning patterns, the participation of students in legislative policy framework has risen. Bills are often put into the public forum for discussions and suggestions. Students in course of their Internship are assisting Members of Parliament on issues which are put forth for discussion in Parliament.

    Think India, through Sansadiya aims at creating a similar learning platform for student community through Internship with Members of Parliament and Ministers for one-month and assist them with issues like analysis of the bill, drafting questions.

    Anubhooti: The social internship by Think India is an opportunity to meet, interact and learn from the people and organizations working at the grassroots level for bringing the social change in our society. Anubhooti provides a platform to not only to understand very closely the pain and suffering of poverty, but to contribute in many smaller ways, as possible to bring about a change in the lives of others.

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