Call for Paper; NLU-Delhi Student Law Journal

Nikita Hora

11 April 2015 10:44 AM GMT

  • Call for Paper; NLU-Delhi Student Law Journal

    The NLUD Student law Journal (NLUD-SLJ) is the flagship student publication of National Law University, Delhi. This main objective of this journal is to provide a platform for engaging in the discussions on varied issues of contemporary importance in domestic and international law and policy. It is a bi-annual peer reviewed journal

    Board of Editors of NLUD Student law Journal (NLUD-SLJ) invites submissions for volume 4 (1) of the Journal. The journal welcomes contributions from academicians, practitioners, students of law and allied fields


    • Submissions may be in
    • form of original,
    • unpublished Articles,
    • Notes,
    • Comments, and
    • Book Reviews.
    • All submissions must be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 300 words. The abstract must highlight the importance of the issue, main arguments and the conclusions of the article.


    • Articles would be in-depth explorations of a given area of scholarly interest, whether empirical or doctrinal. They respond to previous research on the subject and seek to provide a comprehensive survey of a thesis.

    • Book reviews are responses by practitioners and academics on a single or collection of books around a single topic. They critique the arguments presented in the books and seek to develop a new research agenda from there.

    • Notes are written on topics of current importance in the law and policy.

    • Comments are short pieces that address the issues raised by recent decisions of the higher judiciary in India, reports suggesting changes in the law, recent legislations etc.


    • Word Limits(Inclusive of footnotes):
    • Articles – 6000-10,000 Words
    • Short Notes/ Case Comments – 3000-6000
    • Words § Book Review – 1000- 2000 Words.
    • Style and Formatting Guidelines:
    • The main text of the paper should be in font size 12,Times New Roman,5 line spacing and footnotes in font size 10, Times New Roman,0 line border spacing.
    • Legal maxims should be in italics.


    • The Journal requires the use of footnotes and not end-notes as a method of citation.
    • The Journal follows THE BLUEBOOK: A UNIFORM SYSTEM OF CITATION (19th ed. 2010) as the method of citation.
    • Contributors must submit their work in MS Word format (.doc extensions). PDF/other formats will not be accepted.
    • The author’s name, affiliation, biographical information is to be provided in a removable title page. Please include the manuscript’s title on the first text page.
    • Submissions should be sent through email to with the subject of the mail as ‘Submission for NLUD Student Law Journal 4(1)’. All submissions will be immediately acknowledged.
    • Deadline Submissions for volume 4 (1) would be accepted up to April 30, 2015.
    • The Editors will strive to inform you of their decision within 4 weeks of receiving the submission. Any queries may be directed to

    For seeking further clarifications, please contact the following persons:

    Amrutanshu Dash, Chief Editor -

    Tania Singla, Managing Editor -

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