Call for Papers; Chapter in Edited Book on Cyber Crimes

Nikita Hora

27 Oct 2015 2:00 PM GMT

  • Call for Papers; Chapter in Edited Book on Cyber Crimes

    Dr. Nidhi Saxena, Assistant Professor of Department of Law, Sikkim University (A Central University)Gangtok, Sikkim has called for papers for a Book entitled “Cyber crimes in the 21st Century”.


    We are in the age of the Internet, where sharing information to each other is quite easy. India has emerged as a hub of the IT industry owing to the phenomenal growth of the IT sector. This whole change resulted into some negative and positive transformation in the way people behaving particularly criminal behavior. What is different about cybercrime compared with traditional criminal activity? What new criminal opportunities have arisen due to this change? What impact might cybercrime have on public security?

    In this edited Book entitled Cyber crimes in the 21st Century. She wants to converse what is known about cybercrime, disentangling the rhetoric of risk assessment from its reality. How the increase in personal computing power available within a globalized communications network has affected the nature of and response to criminal activities. What are various laws to combat these unwanted activities.

    We have now entered the world of low impact, multiple victim crimes. The book is an attempt to scrutinize the regulatory challenges that cybercrime poses for the criminal (and civil) justice processes, at both the national and the international levels. This book is designed keeping in mind research needs of LLB, LLM, M.Phil& PhD students of law for carrying out their comprehensive, research on cybercrime. Therefore request is to design you research paper keeping this aspect in your mind.


    The book will contain the following chapters. Participants are free to select the area within chapter edge.

    1. Cyberspace and the Transformation of Criminal Activity
    2. Crime – A General Perspective of Cyber Crime
    3. Computer Integrity Crime: Cyber Hacking- Hacking, Cracking and Denial of Service
    4. Computer Assisted Crime: Virtual Robberies, Scams and Thefts, Cyber Fraud and Cyber Terrorism
    5. Computer Content Crime: Pornography, Violence, Offensive Communications
    6. Policing Online Behavior: Order and Law on The Cyber beat
    7. Cybercrime Futures: The Automation of Offender-Victim Engagement


    Last date for submitting the manuscript for the upcoming book is 31-10-2015.


    1. Manuscript can be submitted (.doc) by e-mail. My Email address is

    1. Authors can submit the manuscript provided it contains original work not published either in any print or online journal or books. Also it must not be under consideration for publication elsewhere.

    1. Manuscript/paper sent for publication should be in one file containing the following
    2. Cover page (Page 1, author’s description with designations, official address, phone/mobile numbers and e-mail addresses),
    3. Abstract (Page 2, purpose of the research, methodology employed and findings of the study along with maximum 8 key words, Max. 500 words), and
    4. Manuscript (Page 3 onwards, Introduction, research question, relative importance, objectives and hypothesises, Methodology, Tables and Figures Results and Discussion, Conclusion).
    5. Manuscript should be in typed in 12 point Times New Roman Font.
    6. It should be in MS Word format in double space.
    7. Manuscript should be within 20-25 pages in all, A4 size pages. Ideally, it should not contain more than 12000 words.
    8. The page numbers should at centre of every page.
    9. All headings and sub-headings must be bold – faced, aligned left and fully capitalized.
    10. References at the end of the manuscript should be arranged in an alphabetical sequence at the first and then further sorted chronologically. Authors are requested to follow standard referencing style of their respective field.
    11. Each manuscript must be accompanied by a statement that it has been neither published nor submitted for publication.
    12. We only accept the manuscripts written in English.

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