Call for Papers; Environment, Law and Society Journal, NUALS, Kochi

Nikita Hora

7 Oct 2015 11:23 AM GMT

  • Call for Papers; Environment, Law and Society Journal, NUALS, Kochi

    The Centre for Environment and Law, NUALS welcomes contributions for the third issue of the Environment and Society Journal which is scheduled to be released in early, 2016.


    The Environment, Law and Society Journal (ELSJ) is a peer-reviewed journal published by the Centre for Environment and Law of the National University of Advanced Legal Studies, Kochi. The journal aims to provide an active forum that inspires academics, researchers, students, judges and practitioners to express and share their experiences and opinions on themes relating to the interface of environment, law and society. Through this effort, the Journal also hopes to fill the lacunae relating to the academic debate on environmental issues among legal circles.


    We welcome contributions under the following categories:

    1. Articles (5000-7000 words including footnotes)

    Articles should provide a sustained analysis of various legal topics. It could be doctrinal or empirical and should comprehensively deal with relevant literature on the chosen subject to formulate viable assertions.

    1. Short Notes (3000-5000 words including footnotes)

    Short notes should suggest a central thesis and an argument which flows throughout the piece of writing. The nature of the note should be analytical and descriptive and should mainly deal with contemporary developments.

    1. Case Comments/Legislative Reviews (1500-2500 words including footnotes)

    Case Comments/Legislative Reviews maintained in tandem with the latest legal developments in India. The author can choose a relevant and recent case or legislation (Central or State) to assess critically.

    1. Book Reviews (800-1000 words including footnotes)

    Book Reviews may be solicited and unsolicited pieces which critically examine a book released within the two years preceding the release of the current issue of the ESLJ. The book review shall entail an examination of ideas promoted by the author of the book from the point of view of originality, extent of analysis and tenability. Book Reviews shall describe the subject of the review clearly, including the name of the book, the name of the author, the name of the publisher, the date of publication, and, the edition number if applicable.


    20th November 2015


    1. All works must be original, undistributed and unpublished.
    2. Articles found plagiarised will be summarily rejected.
    3. Articles and Short Notes must be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 300 words. No abstract is required for Book Reviews or Case Comments/Legislative Reviews. Submissions should adhere to the following format:
    4. MAIN TEXT: Font –Times New Roman; Font size -12; Spacing –1.5; Alignment –Justified; Margin – One inch on all sides.
    5. FOOTNOTES: Font – Times New Romanl; Font size -10; Spacing – Every Footnote shall be single spaced.
    6. The Submissions should NOT contain borders, cover pages or title pages.
    7. References should be footnoted in Harvard Bluebook 19th Edition format
    8. Co-authorship, with a maximum of TWO authors is allowed.
    9. The electronic copy of submissions has to be made to Please mention the title of the submission once in the beginning of the write up. The Author details including qualifications and institutional affiliations, details for correspondence (postal address, phone numbers and email address) etc should be provided only in the body of the Email and should NOT be mentioned anywhere in the submission.
    10. The Selection criteria focus on the ability of the author to present a critical analysis of a contemporary issue and to propose suitable/appropriate solutions for it.
    11. An editorial board shall be set up by Centre for Environment and Law, NUALS to take the final decision regarding the publication amongst all the research papers. The decision of the Editorial Committee as regards publication of any articles accepted by it shall be final.
    12. The copyright in the individual articles shall at all times remain vested in contributors and NUALS, Kochi shall hold copyright over all published materials.

    The submission deadline is 20th November 2015.

    For queries, please send a mail to
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