Call For Papers: SAJLHR [Vol 6; Dec 2018]

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11 Oct 2018 6:07 PM GMT

  • Call For Papers: SAJLHR [Vol 6; Dec 2018]

    The Editorial Board of the South Asian Journal of Law and Human Rights (SAJLHR) (ISSN: 2518-6159) solicits submissions for its Volume 6, which will be published tentatively in December 2018. The journal is a peer-reviewed international journal for research and insight in Human Rights Law.

    Theme: The Editorial Board will consider any paper for publication which deals with the relevant human right issue.


    • Equal participation in political and public affairs.

    • Human Rights, Democracy and the Rule of Law.

    • Human Rights of persons with disabilities.

    • Gender Justice and Human Rights.

    • Vulnerability faced by the aged and disabled people.

    • Human Rights of Tribals and Indigenous People.

    • Human Rights and Racial Discrimination.

    • Human Rights and the Environment

    • Child Trafficking and sexual abuse: Challenge to Human Rights in Modern India.

    • Preservation of cultural identities and sub-national groups.

    • The conflict between IPR and Human Rights.

    • Law enforcement agencies – Police and Investigating Agencies: A gateway to Access to Justice

    • Access to Justice for Victims & Witnesses

    • Rights of Prison Inmates

    • Role of Judicial Institutions: Courts, Tribunals in Access to Justice

    • Role of NGO’s in advocacy of Human Rights.

    • State Obligation Towards Refugees: Balance between Human Rights and National Interest

    • Role of International Organizations in Refugee Crisis

    • Feminist Jurisprudence and Refugees: A Case of Double Discrimination

    • Asylum and Rights of Refugees fleeing persecution.

    • Environmental Refugees: Issues and Challenges

    • Stateless Person and Citizenship

    • The exigency of a Domestic Law on Refugees

    • Need for a Coherent Asylum and Refugee Policy

    • International standards on security issues in conflict zones: Humanitarian Perspective.

    • Role of Peacekeeping Operations in controlling violence in war-hit countries.

    • Tackling Non-International Armed Conflict under International Law.

    • Law of Armed Conflict and its influence on the rules on State Responsibility

    • The privatization of War.

    • Right to Self-Determination of a State and Modern International Law.

    Publication Charges:

    • Single Authored Article: INR 1,400

    • Co-authored Article: INR 2,100

    The authors will receive 1 printed copy of the journal along with ‘certificate of appreciation’ duly signed by the Editor-in-Chief. In the case of a co-authored article, both the authors will receive printed copies of the journal.

    Last date for paper submission: 25th October 2018

    Queries can be addressed to or to +919654022324.

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