Call for Sidebar ; RGNUL Financial and Mercantile Law Review

Nikita Hora

20 Sep 2015 6:05 AM GMT

  • Call for Sidebar ; RGNUL Financial and Mercantile Law Review

    The RGNUL Mercantile and financial Law review’s sidebar generally entertains responses to articles, notes, essays and reviews submitted to the law review’s pages. However, we strongly encourage submissions on independent issues pertaining to financial and mercantile law.


    Submissions may be made under the following heads and must conform to the word limits prescribed therein.

    1. Articles: 
    (25,000-30,000 words) 
    An article is an incise and detailed assessment of a legal issue and it details all relevant literature pertaining to the issue and enunciates possible solutions to the same.

    2. Notes: (8,000-10,000 words)
    Notes are much more specific studies of contemporary issues.

    3. Reviews: (10,000 words) 
    Book reviews must be done for books published within the past two years and the book must pertain to finance and mercantile law. Book Reviews should include all relevant information relating to the book reviewed. It should include the title of the book reviewed, the name(s) of the author(s)/editor(s), publication information, i.e. place of publication, name of publisher, year of publication, total number of pages inclusive of the index, the type of binding (soft cover/hardcover) and the price of the book.

    4. Essay : (5,000 words)
    Any new ideas and perspectives on a emerging and upcoming or perceived legal issues may be dealt with via this head. The research need not be detailed.


    Co-authoring of papers between individuals of the same or different institutions is permissible. The maximum no.of authors per submission is 2, however in case of a sidebar, the permissible no. of authors is 1.


    1. All submissions must be 1.5 spaced in Times New Roman, font size 12 and justified. The prescribed word limits are exclusive of footnotes.
    2. All submissions must be in conformity with The Bluebook, A Uniform System of Citation (19th Ed.). The review employs footnotes as the method of citation.
    3. Only footnotes may be used as the form of citations. End notes shall not be accepted. All footnotes must be in Times New Roman, size 10, single-spacing and justified. The Rules of Citation are derived from The Bluebook, A Uniform System of Citation (19th Ed.)
    4. Electronic submissions (on website or email) should ideally be made in Word Format (.doc)/(.docx)
    5. No biographical information or references, including the name(s) of the author (s), affiliation(s) and acknowledgements should be included in the text of the manuscript, file name or document properties.
    6. An abstract of not more than 300 words describing the submission must be submitted along with the submission.


    • Indemnity for Liability
      The author also undertakes to indemnify the Review from any action or suit arising out of the publication of a submission proffered by the author in favour of the review. While the Review does a comprehensive study of all submissions placed before it and published by it, the final liability shall always rest with the author.
    • Exclusive Submission Policy
      A submission sent in for our review must not be submitted elsewhere. Once published or accepted for publication in our review, a submission becomes the copyright of the RGNUL Financial and Mercantile Law Review and it must not be dealt with by the author in a manner which is prejudicial to our copyright. All authors must conform to the exclusive submission policy and all submissions made to the review must be on the understanding that the authors have agreed to the forestated stipulation.
    • Copyright Policy
      All submissions submitted to the review including submissions to the sidebar are our exclusive copyright. However, the submissions may be freely reproduced either partially or in their entirety after obtaining our consent. All permissible usages under the doctrine of fair use may be freely undertaken, without obtaining our consent. However, in either of the cases the requisite attribution must be done. Moreover, the reproduction must be for non-commercial purposes, however, this may be waived by us, if we deem it to be befitting. Also, the submission may not be altered, distorted, built upon or transformed in any manner whatsoever, without our express consent. The consent may be obtained by sending in a mail addressed to Dr. AnandPawar, Editor-in-Chief at The work licensed to you may not be further licensed to a third party, without obtaining our consent. In case of a breach of these conditions, the license to reproduce the submissions will be terminated by us, and any subsequent usage of the said material will not be permissible.

    Submissions may be sent in to in the following format.

    a. All submissions must be 1.5 spaced in Times New Roman, font size 12 and justified.

    1. Submission should be made in Word Format (.doc)/(.docx)
    2. There should be no footnotes.
    3. There can be no more than one author.
    4. Word limit is 1000 words.

    Sidebar pieces are published throughout the year on a continuous basis.

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