Call for Papers: Amity Law School’s National Seminar on Right of Child & The Future of India

Aishwarya Dhakarey

30 Aug 2016 5:30 AM GMT

  • Call for Papers: Amity Law School’s National Seminar on Right of Child & The Future of India

    Amity Law School Lucknow’s National Seminar on “Right of Child & the Future of India: Don’t employ us, empower us” is being held on 26th September, 2016.


    1. The proposed seminar will strike a fine balance between:

      1. Taking care of the protection of the children by their parents and;

      2. Taking extra care about the recognition of rights including legal, civil, cultural, economic rights independent of their parents.

    2. This seminar will focus on critical evaluation of the existing mechanism which has been put in place for the protection of children.

    3. As the children form the future of the country, this seminar aims at making effective child care structure after analysing the socio-economic factors which prompt then to come in conflict with law.

    4. This seminar will give voice to the children and enable them to feel safe by speaking for themselves and by reporting abuse, exploitation and injustice they are suffering from.


    Academicians, Professionals and Students


    The Seminar will be divided into two interactive sessions/focused group discussions, each session shall have Chairman and Co-Chairman and key theme paper presentation by the participants.


    SESSION 1: Constitutional Prospective of Rights of Children: Issues & Challenges

    SESSION 2: Criminal Justice System


    1. Criminal Justice System

    2. Criminal Liabilities of Children & Juvenile Justice in India.

    3. Recent Criminal Amendments relating to Juveniles.

    4. Drug Addiction & Crimes.

    5. A Critical Analysis of POSCO Act.

    6. Constitutional Prospective of Rights of Children: Issues and Challenges

    7. Child Rights Covered under Indian Constitution.

    8. Rights of Child in Global Dimension.

    9. Right to Education: 86thIndian Constitutional Amendment.

    10. Protection from Child Labour & Exploitation: Critical Examination.


    • Abstract should not be more than 250 words and a maximum of 5 (five) relevant keywords.

    • Full paper – 2500 words minimum excluding references and footnoting (Descriptive footnotes and substantive text in the footnotes is not permitted).

    • Footnotes  must  follow  The  Bluebook:  A  Uniform  System  of  Citation(Harvard,  19th Edition).

    • Abstract & Full Paper is to be submitted as soft copy only in MS Word format (Typed in Times New Roman, 14 point Heading and 12 point normal text with 1.5 spacing & 10 point with 1.0 spacing for footnotes).

    • A separate MS Word file should be submitted which contains the article title, followed by author’s name, affiliation, communication address, e-mail and phone details.

    • A declaration waiving the copyright by author and stating that all submissions are original and bona fide work of the author.

    • No part of the submitted paper should contain any form of identification of the author or any such information if found would lead to disqualification.

    • Only 1 (one) co-author is permitted.

    • All papers (abstract and full) must be submitted on lko@gmail.comunder the subject name: “NATIONAL SEMINAR, 2016- TITLE –AUTHOR’S NAME”. 


    • Certificate of participation/paper presentation will be issued to those who participate/present paper themselves.

    • Those whose paper are accepted, but do not attend the seminar will not get the certificate. 


    • Last date of registration (Abstract & Author’s details via e-mail): 15thSeptember, 2016 (23:59)

    • Last date for Full Paper Submission via e-mail: 22ndSeptember, 2016 (23:59) 


    Professional participants: ₨ 1500 /-

    Students participants: ₨ 1000 /-

    Registration fee can be submitted during on campus registration through cash or Demand Draft only.

    Demand Draft should be in favour of “Amity University Uttar Pradesh” payable at Lucknow.


    No accommodation or travel will be provided to any of the participants. 


    • Shashaya Mishra : +91 9454362378

    • Abhishek Bhardwaj : +91 7376072211

    • S. K. Gaur:

    For any further clarification:

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