Call For Papers: Dept. of law, Kerala University

Aishwarya Dhakarey

3 July 2016 4:52 AM GMT

  • Call For Papers: Dept. of law, Kerala University

    Department of law, Kerala University is organizing a  seminar calling upon the legal profession, academicians from other social science disciplines , administrators, university students, young and upcoming research scholars, social activists and the representatives of governmental and nongovernmental organizations to present their research papers relevant to the below-mentioned themes.

    Thematic Sessions

    Globalization of human rights ; Its impact on social justice and human development
    Adverse effects of neo liberalization on human rights : General Issues
    Globalization and Socio-economic Rights

    • Rights to health, education, work, adequate standard of life, food, clean environment, social security

    Globalization, Cultural relativism and Human Rights
    Globalization and Human Rights of the vulnerable sections

    • Women, children, indigenous populations, migrated labour and other deprived sections

    WTO Laws and Human Rights

    New Development Strategies and Human Rights

    • Aid from international economic agencies

    • Downsizing the government

    • Promotion of Investment by multinational companies

    Measures to reduce the adverse effect of Globalisation on Human rights

    • New international initiatives

    • New human rights protection mechanisms

    • New development strategies

    • New initiatives for human rights education and mobilization of public opinion

    • New initiatives from NGOs

    • New mechanisms for conflict resolution

    Reforming Human Rights law and International Humanitarian Law in the context of Globalization

    Violation of Human Rights through Cyberspace

    An abstract not exceeding two pages shall be submitted for consideration. The abstract shall contain the:

    • Title of paper

    • Synopsis of the Paper

    • Reference materials

    • Conclusion indicating author’s perspective

    • Presenter(s) name and title

    • Postal addresses

    • E-mail addresses and

    • Telephone numbers of all contributors

    The abstract should be mailed to Dr.K.C.Sunny, Professor and Head Department of Law, University of Kerala( on or before 1st August, 2016.

    The abstracts and papers shall be screened by a committee in a blind, peer review process and the papers approved by the committee shall be accepted for presentation in the conference. Notice of selection of abstracts will be made through email by 1st September 2016.

    Seminar Date:
    2017 January 5,6 and 7 at Thiruvananthapuram

    Submission of Abstracts: 1st August 2016

    Accpetance of Abstracts: 1st September 2016

    Registration Fee

    For Indian Delegates (without accommodation)

    Rs 3000 (Rs 2000 for students)

    For foreign Delegates (without accommodation)

    200 US Dollars(100 US dollars for Students)

    For foreign Delegates (with accommodation)

    700 US Dollars (Single Room) - 600 US Dollars for students

    For Indian Delegates (with accommodation for 3 days ) :

    Double occupancy Rs 10000/- (Rs 7000 for students) and
    single occupancy Rs 12000/- (Rs 9000 for students)

    Late Registration

    For Indian Delegates without accommodation

    Rs 12000

    For Foreign Delegates without accommodation

    1000 US dollars

    Fees must be credited to

    Account No: 00000067093276086
    State bank of Travancore,Karyavattom Branch-70043
    IFS Code : SBTR0000043
    Account Holder :Dr.K.C.Sunny,Head of the Department of Law

    Bank Address: State Bank fo Travancore
    University Campus,Karyattom P.O
    TVM : 695581

    For more information, check their website here.

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