Call for papers: Law Mantra Journal for Vol. 4, Issue 10 and 11

Simran Sahni

15 May 2017 11:45 AM GMT

  • Call for papers: Law Mantra Journal for Vol. 4, Issue 10 and 11
    Law Mantra Online Journal (ISSN: 2394-7829) is Monthly Double Blind Peer Review Academic Journal, published online, that seeks to provide an interactive forum for the publication of articles in the field of Law and Governance. Journal is currently soliciting submissions for Volume 4, Issue 10, 11.

    The submission deadline for Volume 4, Issue 10, 11 is 16th June, 2017. Submissions from academicians, practitioners, students, researchers and experts from within the legal community are allowed.

    Deadline: The last date for submission of papers is 16th June, 2017

    Nature of Contributions:

    1. Articles: An article should be between 4,000-5,000 words.

    2. Essays: An essay is to be between 3,000-5,000 words.

    3. Notes: The maximum word limit for a manuscript in the form of note is 2,500 words.

    4. Comments: The word limit for a comment is 2,500 words.

    Submission Guidelines:

    1. Word Limit: As has already been indicated, the maximum word limit for articles and essays is 5,000 words (exclusive of footnotes) whereas that for notes and comments is 2,500 words (exclusive of footnotes).

    2. Citation Format: The citation format to be used is The Bluebook (19th ed.). In keeping with the same, speaking footnotes are discouraged.

    3. Biographical Information of Authors: A separate document with biographical information of the authors must also be attached including the following details: Name, E mail address, Postal Address, Name and Address of Institution, Course (if applicable), Academic Year.

    Plagiarism Guidelines: 

    As per the Law Mantra Online Journal Policy on Academic Misconduct, “plagiarism” means failure to acknowledge ideas or phrases from another source. Such source is not limited to published text. Acknowledgement of others’ work is expected even if the source was a discussion (whether oral or written) with another person, or use of materials on the internet.

    Submission: All submissions should be made electronically at

    Publication Charge- Rs.1, 500 Per Paper (Includes Certificate of Publication)

    For More Details Visit:

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