Call for Papers: Lexkhoj International Journal of Criminal Law

Aishwarya Dhakarey

12 Aug 2016 5:46 AM GMT

  • Call for Papers: Lexkhoj International Journal of Criminal Law

    The LEXKHOJ (law portal) has announced the launch of specialty sections of lexkhoj publications, which is a new peer-reviewed monthly journal, LEXKHOJINTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF CRIMINAL LAW ISSN: 2456-2297 which focuses mainly on all the aspects related to criminal law which is an open theme and a most debatable topic not only for law students but people around all the phrases in different field.

    They presently publish legal Articles, Journals, Case Comments and many more. Our Journals are entirely devoted to specific area in the Law. It is the ethos that the journal tries to capture and bring to its discerning readers the submission for its IInd Issue which is a ‘Monthly Journal’ which strives to achieve high level of legal scholarship and research.


    “Are you a change maker then there is no need of concerned as an issue of eligibility’’ let people know your eligibility by your own work.

    The journal invites contributions from students, academicians, professionals, policy makers, regulators, think-tanks and researchers.


    Submissions which deal with any aspect of CRIMINAL LAW (OPEN THEME)will be considered for publication.


    All submissions must adhere to the following guidelines:

    1. Cover Letter: The first page should include the following:

    • Title of the Paper

    • Name of the Author/s ;Co-authored papers should give full details about all the authors; Maximum two author permitted

    • Designation

    • Institutional affiliation

    • Correspondence address. In case of co-authored papers First author will be considered for all communication purposes.

     All submissions should be accompanied by an abstract of about 200 words outlining the

    Central argument(s) of the paper.

    1. Word limit:

    • Articles (2000-5000 words),

    • Essays (2000 words),

    • Case Comments (1000-2000 words) and

    • Book Review (1500 words).

    1. All submissions must be 1.5 lines spaced in Times New Roman, font size 12 and justified. All submissions have to be in any Uniform citation style.

    2. Only footnotes may be used as the form of citations. All footnotes must be in Times New Roman, size 10, single-spacing and justified.

    3. The submissions must not infringe copyright or any other rights of any third parties.

    4. Electronic submissions via email should be made in Word Format (.doc) or (.docx).

    5. The research paper shall be original and unpublished work.

    6. The paper should not be plagiarized, and free from grammatical, spelling and other errors.


    Co-authoring of papers between individuals of the same or different institutions is permissible. The maximum no. of authors per submission is two.


    The journal will be published

    The account Details will be sent to those authors whose papers will be selected.


    The authors are to submit their manuscripts by,25thAugust 2016.

    Manuscripts received after 25th August shall be considered for the next issue.


    Submissions should be emailed to us at


    For further information or clarifications, you may also write to us at


    Phone: 8377963355


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