Call for Research Papers; Bharati Law Review: Volume V- Issue 2

Nikita Hora

11 March 2016 4:33 AM GMT

  • Call for Research Papers; Bharati Law Review: Volume V- Issue 2

    Bharati Law Review (B.L.R.), BharatiVidhyapeeth Deemed University, New Law College, Pune have invited for research papers. B.L.R. is a refereed quarterly journal dedicated to the latest advancement of law. The goal of this journal is to promote quality dialogue on any legal issue.

    The distinguished legal scholarly contributions in the form of “justice of words” will be appreciated and acknowledged by the members of the society in the years to come, and shall make them immortal.


    1. Unsolicited manuscripts of research papers,
    2. Case analysis,
    3. Book reviews 


    1. Administrative Law,
    2. Civil Procedure Law,
    3. Criminal Law,
    4. Criminal Procedure Law,
    5. Domestic Law,
    6. Economic Law,
    7. Environmental Law,
    8. Intellectual Property Law,
    9. Private International Law, Public International Law,
    10. Media Law,
    11. E-commerce,
    12. Banking,
    13. Insurance,
    14. Information Technology,
    15. Computer Science,
    16. Cyber Security


    The author can submit the soft copy of the manuscript in M.S. Word conforming to The Bluebook: A Uniform System of Citation at the e-mail address: Mode Of Citation:vol. B.L.R. p., (yr.).


    The last date of submission of manuscripts is 25th March, 2016.



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