Call for Student Editors/Coordinators Journal of Intellectual Property & Competition Law (JIPCL)

Apoorva Mandhani

21 Sep 2017 4:15 PM GMT

  • Call for Student Editors/Coordinators Journal of Intellectual Property & Competition Law (JIPCL)

    Journal of Intellectual Property & Competition Law (JIPCL) is an independent journal published under the aegis of Agradoot Web. The journal seeks to publish articles and papers concerning Intellectual Property Law and Competition Law. Intellectual Property Law is at the center for innovation and economic growth/development of any country and it stabilizes and provides an effective incentive for inventors to promote and actively participate in economic development and nation-building through Intellectual Property contribution.

    Call for Student Editors/Coordinators:

    Student Editors are called by the Publishing Unit for the following positions

    1. a) Editor-in-Chief x 1

    2. b) Deputy Editor-in-Chief x 1

    3. c) Executive Editor x 1

    4. d) Associate Editor x 2

    5. e) Member Editors x 5

    Submission Guidelines:

    • Applications for Editor-in-Chief, Deputy Editor-in-Chief must be accompanied by CV, Statement of Purpose and Draft Plan mentioning in detail how you seek to effectuate and increase the quality of the publication and your plan to conduct activities of the journal in the next one year.

    • Applications for Executive Editor and Associate Editors must be accompanied by CV and Statement of Purpose outlining the reasons for selecting you as an Editor.

    • Applications for Member Editors must be accompanied by latest CV.

    How to apply?

    All applications must be sent to  on or before September 30, 2017 and must have the subject of the mail as 'Application for Editorship in JIPCL'.

    Note:The results of the shortlisted editors would be emailed to all editors by October 10, 2017. The shortlisted candidates would further undergo a telephonic interview before confirmation of appointment as an Editor.

    For any queries contact:

    Publishing Unit, Agradoot


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