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CJI Gogoi Unfolds Plans To Reduce Pendency: No Leave For Judges On Workdays; Withdrawal Of Judicial Work From Errant Judges

Acting on his assurance to bring in plans for reducing pendency of cases, Chief Justice of India Ranjan Gogoi has begun by trying to discipline the judiciary.

A few days before taking over as the Chief Justice of India, Justice Gogoi had highlighted two main problems that concerned him—huge pendency of cases and inability of poor to access justice.

While speaking at a session at the Main Auditorium, Indian Society of International Law, New Delhi on September 29, he had also declared that he will “unfold plans to these problems soon”.

According to reports, Justice Gogoi has now interacted with collegium members of each high court through video conferencing to prescribe some strong medicine for the burgeoning pendency of cases—ban on leaves on working days, unless in case of an emergency.

The CJI has also asked the judges to apprise him if any of the high court or subordinate judges fail to adhere to the regime. Such errant judges, he said, would have all judicial work withdrawn from them. He further expressed displeasure on the practice of judges attending seminars and official functions on working days, as this cuts down on the time that they need to prep cases scheduled for hearing the next day, The Times of India reported.

Additionally, CJI Gogoi has made it clear to judicial officers that they will not be allowed to avail themselves of LTC or ex-India leave during working days, except in case of an urgency.

The next point highlighted by CJI Gogoi was the necessity to expedite the process of filling in judicial vacancies. Besides, he indicated towards daily monitoring of cases in subordinate courts, as against quarterly checks. He informed the judges that he and his colleagues are exploring the possibility of monitoring case disposal mechanism in trial courts on a day to day basis, as these courts account for bulk of the pendency.

As for the pending cases, the CJI suggested that infructuous cases should first be weeded out, after which appeals filed by convicts lodged in jail for criminal cases must be identified. Those cases pending for more than five years, must then be listed immediately and disposed of after hearing the parties, he said. CJI Gogoi has in fact asked the chief justices to communicate to him details of all cases in this category.

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  • Anil Kulkarni says:

    If he is so keen to reduce pendency of cases, first and foremost he could do is to forgo summer and winter holidays in higher and lower judiciary which is the legacy of earstwhile British rule. Why the third powerful wing under Constitution should be closed for almost a month and half?

  • Sushil Chand Jain a practicing senior Advocate at District Courts Sonepat says:

    The fact of pendency is serious and some suggestions are as under:- 1.Most cases are delayed due to long date fixed for service of the defendants , which can be curtailed by adopting short time and effective method. 2. Even the service effected as described in CPC is not considered the proper service and maters remains pending for years together and maximum six months shall be fixed for service to opposite party. 3. Even the expertly matters remains pending for years and can be dispose off imidiately if based on documentary evidence and shall not be adjourned once evidence is closed. The same will reduce the pendency. 4. The mis. Applications remains pending for months or some times years together which make the case to be old and maximum one month time shall be fixed for any type of such application and the same will reduce the pendency. 5. The prescribed 3 oppourtunity of evidence are not being followed which itself delay the decision. 6. Execution is not at all given the attention by the presiding officers and remains pending for years together and maximum one year shall be fixed for its final decision. 7. The most important is the very-very casual way of working of the judges in lower court which itself delays the decision and some it is said that the case is 2 or 3 years old. These are only a few basic reasons of delay in lower courts and we can expedite the results and reduce the pendency , which is not adopted inspite of being pointed out to the inspecting High Court Judges every time.

  • Surendra Kumar Mahto says:

    Hon supreme court is the Apex court of India. An honest &dutiful officer whose genuine request /protest is turned down by the deptt again n again even direction of hon high court &if he/she is not capable to move again in the court ,how could he/she approach to the Apex court on a simple plain paper or by emai.Although his/her family member has approached to hon apex court through registrar & directly also to hon cji of india for justice .Instead corrupt , accused(criminal)& juniors tainted criminal officres are regularly encouraged protected by the deptt This is happening in jharkhand govt

  • Minalal Bhansali says:

    Cause list must include cases to be heated on monthly basis in lower courts.Hearing dates must be given considering age of the pendency. Judge in charge be asked to proceed for trial in case of vacancy in Court.

  • Minalal Bhansali says:

    Main reason behind pendency of court cases is time killing practice of lawyers to keep undisposed. For fair justice steps should be restricted and service of summons/notices must be done by plaintiff and to file tracking reports. Process must be completed in a stipulated period. Adjournments must be restricted on heavy cost be imposed for.

  • VIKASH KUMAR says:


  • Parthasarathi B N V says:

    The measures proposed by CJI ( as stated in this article) will only be symptomatic treatment for this perinnial issue. Effective remedial measures like – removing the luxurious vacations both summer and Christmas and dussera holidays , working on all 365 days with judges and other staff taking weekly holiday by rotation ( on different weekdays) is what is very much needed.
    Parthasarathi B N V