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CLAT 2018(UG) Paper Analysis

If there’s one thing more consistent than the sun coming up, it’s the CLAT authorities screwing up the CLAT paper. This year was no different. Unresponsive monitors, wasted time, mouses not working properly and very very rude invigilators presented themselves to close to 60k CLAT aspirants, who had toiled for hours and hours everyday, for the past few months, in some cases even 2 years, to crack this paper. In the history of controversies-ridden CLAT papers, this paper, solely due to its execution, would have a special place of its own.

Coming to the actual paper, CLAT this year was a tad bit less easier than CLAT 2017. Most of the questions, across all sections, which were asked were on predictable lines and there weren’t many experiments done here. Here’s a section wise analysis:

English: On predictable lines, there was one Reading Comprehension passage, questions on Cloze Test, Synonyms, Summary and even a few Critical Reasoning questions found their way here. The questions weren’t very challenging and the overall English section was easy-to-moderate.

GK: Again, on predictable lines, most of the questions were from Current Affairs. There were questions from National news, International news, Sports, Science, Awards etc. There were even a few Static GK based questions, spread across History, Science and Technology. The difficulty level of this section was also low as most of the questions were fairly straightforward.

Legal Aptitude: The easiest section of the lot, it contained close to 35 Legal Reasoning questions, with fairly simple and straightforward principles and simple facts. There were also a few questions on Legal Knowledge, most of which were based on Constitution. A score of around 36-37 can be considered as a safe score for this section.

Logical Reasoning: A little trickier than others, it contained three puzzles, of which one was genuinely very difficult for even serious aspirants to crack. Wiser students would not have wasted a lot of time on this Puzzle. Other components of this section were Blood Relations, Course of Action, Syllogisms, Odd One Out, Coding-Decoding etc. Thus, there were a few questions from pretty much each prominent Logical Reasoning topic. The Puzzles are what made this section a little difficult than others. A score of around 25-26 in this section would be a good score.

Mathematics: This was, to the astonishment of many CLAT aspirants, the lengthiest section of the lot. However, it wasn’t as difficult as a few students made it out to be. Questions were asked from Percentages, Simplification, Averages, Algebra, Number System etc. Students who had managed their time well in the other four sections would have had a natural advantage in Mathematics. A score of over 8-9 would be a good score for this section.

Overall, as stated above, this year’s CLAT paper wasn’t too difficult, barring a few questions, and the cutoff can be expected to increase from last year. Considering the general drop in the level of difficulty of the overall paper, the predicted cutoff for the first three colleges (NLSIU, NALSAR and WBNUJS) should be around 130. An ideal number of attempts in this paper would be over 158-160.

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  • Pooja gupta says:

    Ok thanks

  • Ansh Mohan Jha says:

    I just want my 4000 rupees and nothing else.
    The worst competitive exam ever conducted .
    Was it a national level exam???
    I don’t think so.If retest will be conducted then the mode of answering should be offline.

  • Ayushi Aman says:

    The paper was good but my center had alot of technical error and that made me loss of 15 mins because the question didnt appear on any of the screens in the lab and on top of that mine and some other monitor which had loose wire due to which my screen was shut down and all my marked answer where removed due to which i only attended 120 questions. Can we get a better center or another chance because it means alot

  • devanshu singh says:

    sir i score 58.50 ….and sc categary from rajasthan …get any chnce for nlu

  • suryansh upadhyay says:

    I would like to ask a question…Is this how a national level exam is conducted? There was complete mismanagement and WE had to bear the consequences… There was no ventilation and it was really hot. We were sweating due to the heatwaves. The timer kept on running even when the questions were not visible. Still I thought that everything would be fine after sometime and after losing out 13 minutes we were told to restart. Only the questions were visible this time with the SAME timer running. Obviously there was a lot of agitation and panic among us. After failed repeated enquiries I decided to focus on the paper with the time left. We were given extra time which was only 5 minutes which means that most of us lost around 8-9 minutes. I have heard that some were getting more time to solve the paper and some even lost 15 minutes. This kind of arbitrariness is outrageous. THIS IS NOT AT ALL JUSTIFIED…

  • Madhur Bhatt says:

    The most accurate analysis ! Thanks

  • Akku says:

    Clat charges 4000 and the vast online exam .
    Bcoz of problem’s 10 min wasted which means a lot
    Poor services ! Never expected this from clat
    Really vast services need alot of improvements

  • Anonymous says:

    This year clat authority has totally disappointed ….me
    Everything was messed up ..whether it is system or invigilator in bhopal …paper was not tough i guess but these glitches were too distracting i had to click on the previous and next button twice for viewing question which resulted in hanging?……i lost 10 mi nutes atleast in this.. ????…i am a dropper n i prepared for this day whole year but in the end these things are going to affect my score??..cuz in the end when i solved a puzzle n 2minutes were remaining i just had to answer those question accordingly consisting 5to 6marks?…n i know i solved it correctly…..but they autosubmitted it…why???? My time was remaining???…i want justice?

  • R P says:

    On what criteria did Kochi choose Sify? Was it only the cheapest quote in the tendering process? Or was it deliberate allocation? Sinister. Did Sify not know that they will ahve to have a lot of server capacity? How can Sify ever match up to TCS? And why did NUALS trust them? An investigation has to happen. Dashing the dreams of hard working students is a crime beyond imagination. The students have worked hard. Did you, NUALS?????

  • Ashutosh Pandey says:

    My daughter’s center was Inviktus Solutions, Pune. Water bottles were not allowed and they did not even provide drinking water. Very poor arrangement