ConQuaestio 2017: ICFAI Law School’s Constitutional Quiz Competition 2017 Concludes Successfully

aasavri Rai

30 Dec 2017 4:15 PM GMT

  • ConQuaestio 2017: ICFAI Law School’s Constitutional Quiz Competition 2017 Concludes Successfully

    ConQuaestio 2017, the ICFAI Law School’s Constitutional Quiz Competition for the year 2017 was successfully organised in the ICFAI Law School campus.

    With the objective of spreading constitutional awareness, began the preparation for the organisation of the ILS Constitutional Quiz Competition for the year 2017. The name ‘ConQuaestio’ was coined by student coordinator Anshuman Sahoo, picking the ‘Con’ from the word ‘Constitution’ and adding the Latin word ‘Quaestio’ (to ask) to it.

    On 6th September, the event was publicly declared before the students of the Law School, and registrations were made open for interested students.

    Registrations were accepted only in teams of two students, with no-bars-whatsoever on the nature of the team composition. The interested participants were given the option of both online and offline registration to ensure smooth registration. On 22nd September 2017, when the registrations were closed, the event had witnessed a whopping registration of 210 participants (105 teams).

    The registered participants appeared in the first round of the competition on 25th September 2017 in the ILS campus itself. The first round was written in nature, containing MCQ questions. The first round required the participants to answer 45 multiple-choice questions within one hour.

    31 top-scoring teams from the first round were shortlisted, and were selected to appear for the second round. The second round which took place on the 3rd and 4th of November 2017, was a presentation round which required the teams to present constitutional law cases extemporarily, before a panel of judges. Gaurav Mittal, Aseem Chandra Paliwal, Sunil Kumar, Avishek Raj, Alok Kumar, and Hemant Singh, Assistant Professors, ICFAI Law School, Dehradun, judged the second round of the competition.

    10 top scoring teams from the second round were selected to fight the final battle, the third round, ‘Clash of ConGiants’! With the undisputed Constitutional Law Giants of ILS competing against each other to win the final battle, the final round of the competition was organised on 20th November.

    The event started with the showing of a short documentary on the making of the Constitution of India, followed by the ‘oath-taking ceremony’, wherein Prof. (Dr.) HM Mittal, Dean, ILS made the audience take pledge of the preamble to the Constitution of India. The first stage of the ‘Clash of ConGiants’ followed shortly, and five teams were short-listed therefrom to compete in the second and final stage of the competition.

    The second stage of the competition involved out-of-box thinking, and innovative application of constitutional law knowledge of the participants. Rounds like ‘ConCharade’, ‘Who am I’, ‘Rapid fire’ etc. made the teams scratch their heads in reality. Evidently, the final battle invoked a lot of excitement amongst the audience too.

    The final round was won by Sandeep Dubey, fourth-year student, and Saad Alam, fourth-year student, and were awarded with a cash prize of INR 2,000 along with the champion’s trophy. The second position was bagged by Sheshan Sinha and Shishir Tripathy, and were awarded a cash prize of INR 1,000. The third position was secured by Pratik Sharwan, fourth-year student, and Simran Tandon, fourth-year student, and were awarded a cash prize of INR 500.

    The final round had Prof. (Dr.) HM Mittal, Dean, ILS as the chief guest, Alok Kumar, Avishek Raj, and Saurabh Siddhartha, as judges, and Gaurav Mittal as the scorer. The event marked its successful completion with the award distribution ceremony.

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