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Deepika Singh, Lawyer For Kathua Victim’s Family, Sends Legal Notice To Zee Hindi News For Alleged False News Vilifying Her

Advocate Deepika Singh Rajawat, counsel representing the family of victim in Kathua rape-murder case, has served a legal notice upon Zee Hindi News, allegedly for broadcasting a false news report tarnishing her image.

In the legal notice, Deepika Singh took strong objection to the program run by Zee Hindi News on 17.04.2018, in which it was hinted that Deepika Singh Rajawat had stayed in Jawaharlal Nehru University, with the innuendo that she had supported anti-national activities.

In the legal notice, Deepika Singh denied that she had stayed in JNU. At the same time, it is also stated that to draw the inference of anti-national activity from the act of staying in JNU was defamatory to the institution as well.

The aforesaid act of your channel Zee News Hindi, which has been done without proper verification of facts, is contrary to the factual position and is in gross breach of journalistic ethics. While my client reiterates that she has never stayed at JNU, she nevertheless firmly believes that there cannot be anything remotely wrong in staying in JNU, if ever she did. Your innuendoes and spreading of communal hatred constituted a threat to her life, stated the legal notice issued by advocate Sangeeta Madan on behalf of Deepika Singh.

The false report of Zee Hindi News countered the good work being done by her to secure justice for the victim’s family in this case and promoted ill-will and disharmony in society, the notice further stated.

Therefore, Zee Hindi News has been called upon to disclose the source of information and to run a corrigendum with an apology for broadcasting false news vilifying Deepika Singh with communal innuendos.

Image Courtesy : National Herald

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  • Mazharul haqmazhar says:

    It is shock and very shameful that according to respected and reputeg advocate madam Deepika Singh was misconduted by hindi zee news.Is it not unfortunate that action taken by said respected advocate for justice does not digest by dishonest and and corrupt media.
    mazharul haq ambari azamgarh

  • Sam says:

    Shame on zee news … if someone is doing for gud cause u ppl r deframing the identity.. shame zee news journalist