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Delhi HC Recognizes Copyright On Photos Uploaded On Facebook [Read Order]

The Delhi High Court has recently recognized copyright on photos uploaded on Facebook.

The order was passed by Justice Manmohan on a suit for permanent injunction filed by Fairmount Hotels Pvt. Ltd., demanding that one Mr. Bhupendra Singh be restrained from infringing their copyright.

It had alleged that Mr. Singh, who was managing their Hotel for about 4 years, opened a hotel and posted photographs of Fairmount as his own hotel on his Facebook page. Fairmount had now sought removal of the photos from Mr. Singh’s Facebook page.

While an interim injunction had been passed against Mr. Singh in August 2015, during a recent hearing he undertook to not repost the photos on his Facebook page.

In view of this undertaking, the Court disposed of the suit after imposing costs of Rs. 50,000 to be paid by Mr. Singh to the Plaintiff within four weeks.

Advocates Arun Kumar Sinha and Shrey Sinha appeared for the Plaintiff.

Read the Order Here

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