Justice Amanullah Emphasizes The Significance Of Ethics In Legal Practice At The 'Workshop For Young Advocates: Shaping Futuristic India'


13 Feb 2024 9:29 AM GMT

  • Justice Amanullah Emphasizes The Significance Of Ethics In Legal Practice At The Workshop For Young Advocates: Shaping Futuristic India
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    The Bar Council of India in collaboration with the Bar Council of Andhra Pradesh and the Anantapur Bar Association on 10th February organized the first-of-its-kind, 'Workshop for Young Advocates-Shaping Futuristic India' with legal luminaries from various High Courts, Bar Councils, and the Supreme Court holding sessions.

    The workshop that was held at N.T.R Auditorium, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Ananthapuramu aimed at shaping the legal landscape of Andhra Pradesh towards a value-added and futuristic India. Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah (Judge, Supreme Court of India) was the Chief Guest; and Justices Prashant Kumar Mishra and Justice S.V.N Bhatti of the Supreme Court were the guests of honour. Judges from High Court of Andhra Pradesh, Justice A.V. Sesha Sai, Justice U. Durga Prasad Rao, Justice K. Suresh Reddy, Justice Dr K. Manmadha Rao, Justice K Sreenivasa Reddy, Justice Syam Sunder also participated the event. BCI Vice Chairman, Sr. Adv. S. Prabhakaran (Chennai) Chaired the event. Bar Council of India Trust Executive Vice Chairman A. Rami Reddy acted as chief coordinator of the Workshop.

    Justice Amanullah initiated the Workshop by tapping the Gavel amid the applause of the attendees.

    In the first session, Justice S.V.N. Bhatti Spoke on the subject “Rule Of Law And Role Of Advocates In Building Prosperous Bharath.” He spoke about the triumphs of the Constitution in upholding 75 years of independence and went on to say that the rule of law is envisaged in the Constitution. He said, “When I visualize the developed Bharat, I also see us (the legal fraternity). I consider the judiciary as the heart because here we can use our discretion, interpret, and do complete justice to both parties. If the lab dab of the heart is not properly functioning because of inadequate contribution from the fraternity, will not we be holding back the development of society?”

    Justice Prashant Kumar Mishra spoke on the subject of “Effective Court Room Advocacy”. He told the students attending the event that courtroom advocacy is different from the law thought in classrooms. He said that law taught in classrooms is the basic structure of law that includes principles of equality, justice, and fairness and the principles of natural justice; whereas to represent in Court a lawyer needs to thoroughly understand the facts of each case and the clear point that arises in the case. He said “Once you figure out the exact point in the cases, keep pressing the real point in the case. Because if you lose focus from the main point a judge will think you don't have a case. A judge can gauge you within 3-4 minutes of opening the argument and you lose the advantage in the matter.”

    The Chief Guest, Justice Ahsanuddin Amanullah, who has previously served as a judge of the Andhra Pradesh High Court spoke on “The Importance Of Ethics In The Legal Profession.” He said “The county is losing confidence in us. You know the law, you know what is coming, you know the precedents, you know the history of our country, how people have fought for the country, how we have got our constitution. You are the connectivity between the roots of the past to the new generation, this onus is on you.”

    In the second session, Judges of the Andhra Pradesh High Court address the gathering. Justice Akula Venkata Sesha Sai presented a session on “Civil Procedure Code with Special Reference to Disposal of Interlocutory Application.” Where he interacted with young advocates and Students of Sri Vijayanagar College of Law.

    Justice U. Durga Prasad Rao presented on the subject “Relevance of Admissions and Confessions in Criminal Trial.”

    And, Justice K. Sreenivasa Reddy conducted a session on “Appreciation of Evidence in Criminal Law”.

    Advocates from various Bar associations in the state attended the workshop.

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