DSLSA Successfully Hosts 4th National Lok Adalat 2023 Under NALSA's Auspices


11 Dec 2023 8:26 AM GMT

  • DSLSA Successfully Hosts 4th National Lok Adalat 2023 Under NALSAs Auspices
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    In an unprecedented stride towards fostering a more accessible and inclusive justice system, the Delhi State Legal Services Authority, under the aegis of National Legal Services Authority, has successfully organized the 4thNational Lok Adalat for the year 2023 in all District Court Complexes, the High Court of Delhi, Permanent Lok Adalats, Debt Recovery Tribunals, State Consumer Commission and District Consumer Commissions, on Sunday i.e. 10th December, 2023. This pioneering event marks a watershed moment in the commitment to ensuring justice for all, transcending barriers and redefining the landscape of dispute resolution in our nation.

    Highlighting the multifaceted nature of disputes, the National Lok Adalat is designed to address a wide spectrum of cases such as Cheque Dishonour cases under Section 138 of Negotiable Instruments Act, Criminal Compoundable Cases, Civil Cases, cases pertaining to Motor Accident Claim Tribunal, Bank Recovery matters, Matrimonial Disputes (except divorce cases), Land Acquisition cases, Labour Disputes, and cases under Arbitration & Conciliation Act- were taken up for disposal this time. Additionally, compoundable traffic challans were also taken up for disposal.

    This inclusivity ensures that individuals from diverse backgrounds can seek resolution to their disputes. Lok Adalats are known for their prompt handling of cases. The process is streamlined to facilitate swift resolutions, thereby reducing the backlog of cases in our judicial system. One of the primary advantages of participating in the National Lok Adalat is its cost-effectiveness. The emphasis on amicable dispute resolution often eliminates the need for prolonged legal battles, saving both time and financial resources.

    Shri Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Ld. Member Secretary, DSLSA, emphasized that under the guidance of Justice Manmohan, Acting Chief Justice, High Court of Delhi & Executive Chairperson, DSLSA, the organization has consistently endeavoured to promote Alternate Dispute Resolution techniques, at both the pre- institutional stage as well as at the litigative stages.

    During the National Lok Adalat, Justice Manmohan, Acting Chief Justice, High Court of Delhi/Executive Chairperson, DSLSA alongwith Sh. Sanjay Garg, Ld. Principal District & Sessions Judge, New Delhi District; Sh. Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Ld. Member Secretary, Delhi State Legal Services Authority and other dignitaries, personally visited the Patiala House Court Complex to oversee the arrangements. The dignitaries toured the Court Complex, interacting with the Judicial Officers as well as the Associate Members presiding over some of the Lok Adalat benches. Executive Chairperson also spared his valuable time to felicitate the transgenders, acid attack victims and divyang persons who had been deputed as Associate Members at the New Delhi Court Complex.

    Simultaneously, Shri. Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Ld. Member Secretary, DSLSA and Shri. Naveen Gupta, Ld. Special Secretary of DSLSA visited the Karkardooma District Courts Complex to ensure preparations in the East, North- East, and Shahdara Districts. Additionally, Shri. Mridul Gupta, Ld. Additional Secretary, DSLSA and Shri Abhinav Pandey, Ld. Secretary (Litigation), DSLSA visited the Rohini Courts Complex to oversee the arrangements in North and North- west districts. This hands-on approach demonstrated a comprehensive and meticulous oversight of the National Lok Adalat across various districts of Delhi.

    Shri Mukesh Kumar Gupta, Ld. Member Secretary, DSLSA highlighted that the National Lok Adalat serves as a distinctive platform for dispute resolution, encouraging conciliation and promoting amicable settlements. He also added that this event underscores our commitment to cultivating a justice delivery system that is not only equitable and just but also easily accessible to all sections of society. Ld. Member Secretary stressed on the fact that DSLSA once again engaged Transgenders, Senior Citizens, persons with disability, people from North-East region of the country and Acid Attack victims, in the decision-making process by appointing them as Associate Members in Lok Adalat Benches across different Court complexes.

    In the Lok Adalats, DSLSA took meticulous measures to ensure there was no overcrowding in any of the court complexes. All necessary facilities, including Help Desks, wheelchairs, ramps, restroom facilities, clean portable water, and ample space for bank negotiations and public seating, were provided in all court complexes and tribunals/forums. Special Help Desks were set up at the entry of each Court Complex, serving as a focal point for any inquiries pertaining to Lok Adalats. Adequate security arrangements were also in place, ensuring smooth functioning during the course of Lok Adalat. Additionally, arrangements were made to offer basic amenities, encouraging people to settle their disputes amicably.

    In the seven District Court Complexes, the High Court, State & District Consumer Redressal Commissions, total 329 Lok Adalat Benches were constituted to deal with all types of Civil and Criminal Compoundable cases. In total 2,45,702 cases have been referred in this National Lok Adalat by the High Court of Delhi, Tribunals/ Consumer Forums and all District Courts. These cases include 1,77,000 NBT traffic challans; 14,504 traffic challans which were pending in Courts; 40,813 pending cases in various District Courts; 11,813 pre- litigative cases and 1572 cases pending in High Court of Delhi, Debt Recovery Tribunals, Consumer Forums and Permanent Lok Adalats.

    In District Courts, total 1,71,037 cases were settled and settlement amount was Rs.180.55 Crore.

    In above, 1,46,310 traffic challans were disposed of across Delhi for a cumulative settlement/fine amount of Rs. 1.36 Crores.

    One MACP Case No. 501/2022 titled “ Rashid Vs. Ankit ” was settled in the bench presided over by Ms. Preeti Agrawal Gupta, Ld. PO MACT, North DLSA, Rohini Courts Complex, for an amount of Rs. 64,50,000/- to be paid by the insurance company to the dependants of the motor accident victim besides one case bearing Case CC No.618329 titled “Ashutosh Verma Vs Tengent Solution Pvt. Ltd.” under Section 138 N.I. Act was settled for an amount of Rs.2.50 Crores, in South-East DLSA, Saket Courts.

    Apart from above, one oldest case pertains to the year 2015, bearing case FIR No.979/2015 titled “State Vs. Anis Khan” was also amicably settled in North DLSA, Rohini Courts.

    Lok Adalat Bench was constituted at Delhi High Court, New Delhi where 28 cases were settled for a settlement amount was Rs. 1.46 Crores.

    Lok Adalat benches were constituted at State & District Consumer Redressal Commissions where 162 cases were settled for a settlement amount of Rs. 15.80 Crores.

    Lok Adalat benches were constituted at Debt Recovery Tribunals where 103 cases were settled for a settlement amount of Rs. 1190.77 Crores.

    Lok Adalat Bench for electricity matter was also constituted at Permanent Lok Adalat where 1072 cases were settled for a settlement amount of Rs. 4.80 Crores.

    Overall 1,72,402 cases were settled and settlement amount was Rs. 1393.40 Crores.

    As a noble initiative students of class 11th and 12th standard of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan's Mehta Vidyalaya, K.G. Marg, New Delhi having legal studies as their one of the subject also visited Patiala House Courts Complex, New Delhi to observe the functioning of National Lok Adalat.

    Delhi Judges across Delhi enthusiastically participated in the Lok Adalat, demonstrating proactive involvement. Litigants also actively took part in the proceedings, seeking settlements and amicable resolutions for their cases.

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