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In-house Software Launched By Jharkhand High Court

25 Nov 2022 8:33 AM GMT

In-house Software launched by the Chief Justice which have been developed by Office of CPC.

File Tracking System.

This application can track the movement of physical files/documents of receiving/dispatch Section. This application has been inaugurated by the Chief Justice, High Court of Jharkhand in presence of Judges of High Court on 17.11.2022.

Software launched by the Chief Justice, High Court of Jharkhand on 25.11.2022

Cause List PDF merge, index and bookmark module.

This application can automatically merge cause list (pdf) of individual courts into single pdf along with indexing and bookmark, which is presently done manually.

Virtual Case Information Services (Telegram Chatbot).

A Telegram channel ( has been developed to give out real-time information related to cases in the form of cause lists, defective case status, eCertified copy, display boards and other ongoing activities of the High Court of Jharkhand.

Order/Judgement Mailing System.

An application has been developed for sending order/judgment through email to Lower Court or any provided Mail.

The main purpose for developing application for sending Order/Judgements in proper way without any delay.

Provision provided is such that Order/Judgement can be mailed to either District Wise, Advocate wise and Litigants wise and also as per requirement.

Its features are mentioned below:

  • Crucial decisions, including orders on bail and stay of arrest, can be communicated electronically to Lower Court, prison authorities and investigating agencies on the same date of Judgement.
  • Party who have been granted relief are not left waiting for an order copy in order to be released.
  • Initiative to confront the problem that affects the liberty and dignity of convicts regarding delay in release after grant of bail.
  • User Friendly Application.
  • It has option to send Order of any date by entering Case details including Linked cases.
  • Doesn't require internet in user's system to email.

Judgement/Order Template

A module has been integrated in CIS for automatic fetching/generation the details of the Petitioners/Respondents, Advocates, Coram etc. while typing the Orders/Judgements.

Its features are mentioned below:

  • Provision is provided for the PA/Secretary to directly type the Hon'ble Courts' order without any hassle.
  • There is no need of typing the details of the Petitioners/Respondents, Advocates, Coram etc.
  • Error while manually typing the details of case such as per the format of Courts is reduced.
  • User Friendly Application.

E-filing version 3.0 Software made LIVE

e-filing version 3.0 software launched by the Chief Justice, High Court of Jharkhand has been made LIVE in High Court of Jharkhand as well as District Courts of Ramgarh and Ranchi and process for making LIVE e-filing 3.0 in rest of the District Courts is under process and it will be made LIVE very soon.

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