Survey Across High Courts And The Supreme Court On Causelists By Daksh


25 Nov 2023 5:48 AM GMT

  • Survey Across High Courts And The Supreme Court On Causelists By Daksh
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    DAKSH is a Bengaluru-based civil society organization, focused on judicial reforms and access to justice. Over the years, it has conducted extensive research, shedding light on the realities of the legal and justice system, and advocating for systemic reforms from a citizen's perspective.

    The Listing Project

    Do you often wait in court for a listed matter that doesn't get heard? Do you usually get less than a day’s notice before your hearing is scheduled? Do you have matters that have not been listed for a long period of time inspite of urgency?

    The process of listing cases in Indian courts profoundly influences both access to justice and the right to equality. The inconsistency and complexity in the Indian court listing process poses obstacles to justice and equality. The unpredictable and inequitable nature of listings affects all stakeholders from judges, lawyers and litigants as well as police officers, doctors and others who depose as witnesses.

    DAKSH’s Listing Project brings together stakeholders to improve transparency and access by tackling these challenges. Through collaborative efforts in research, outreach, and discussions, it aims to develop effective solutions.


    Towards this end, DAKSH is launching a survey for lawyers, legal representatives of government entities, practising in the High Courts and the Supreme Court and litigants who have/had cases in these courts. This survey aims to understand issues arising from the frequency, design, and infrastructure of causelists. By understanding the challenges faced by stakeholders and uncovering best practices across diverse courts, this survey will pave the way for in-depth engagement with these critical issues.

    Your insights are invaluable in this process. If you are a lawyer, litigant or a lawyer representing the government in High Courts across India or the Supreme Court, please take a few moments to complete this survey by the 8th of December.

    If you have any questions about the survey, please reach out to

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