First International Multidisciplinary Law Conference - Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad

Nikita Hora

8 Sep 2015 3:38 AM GMT

  • First International Multidisciplinary Law Conference - Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad

    Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad is organizing ‘COHERENCE’ forming a unified whole, the first International Multidisciplinary Law Conference. The objective of the Conference is to bring to the fore the obvious synergistic value that shall result from MDP in enriching Law domain and to create a platform for research in multiple academic disciplines with Law.

    Multidisciplinary practices (MDP) have been a subject of acrimonious debate between two opposing campaigns, each citing passionate reasons for why it should be formally established or definitively barred. In the Law discipline, Multidisciplinary practice refers to a professional entity in which lawyers partner with non-lawyers to provide a mix of legal and non-legal services. Efficiency and innovation by this new structure is stifled with fears of conflicts of interest and dilution of privilege.


    Auditorium of Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad.


    Last date of Research Paper  – 21st September 2015

    Conference Date – 9th& 10th October


    Interdisciplinary Integration for Legal Enrichmentis the main theme. Below theme are listed.

    1. International Law in a multicultural world
    2. Law as mirroring societal values
    3. Relevance of legal institutions in contemporary society
    4. Corporate laws and theoretical approaches
    5. Traditional values & minority rights
    6. Criminal Laws and Cultural Values
    7. Immigration policies& Political Charters of Economies
    8. Environmental regulation and sustainability
    9. Impact of technology on globalization – legal issues
    10. Ideals reflected in human rights charters » Potpourri (Mixed-bag)

    The contributions should be of interdisciplinary significance. For instance, “Lessons from Smartphone Wars: Patent Litigants, Patent Quality, and Software”, “Consumer Cloud Robotics and the Fair Information Practice Principles: Challenges and Opportunities”, Marx’s Instrumentalist theory – Interdependence of base and superstructure” “Empowerment of Women inIndia: A Socio-Legal Analysis “Role of language in appellate judgements” etc.


    S.NoCategoryINRUS $
    2.Independent Practitioner400063
    3.Corporate Executives400063
    4.Doctoral Scholars200032


    1. Research Papers
    2. Perspectives
    3. Case Studies
    4. Discussion Notes
    5. Working Papers


    1. The contributions should be accompanied by an abstract of not more than 250 words and 3 keywords; the full papers shall not be more than 25 pages (excluding abstract) inclusive of tables, graphs, diagrams, photographs and references. References need to be cited in APA style.
    2. The margin should be 1.5 on all sides with 1.5 spacing between the lines. The headings should be in 14 font size, and the text in 12 font size,both Times New Roman, and the sub-headings need to be numbered.
    3. The diagrams, tables, and photographs should have appropriate titles and sources if extracted.
    4. The papers shall be checked for plagiarism and papers with instances of plagiarism shall be disqualified from presentation in the conference.
    5. The delegate shall be given 15 minutes in all for presentation; 10 minutes for presentation and 5 minutes for Q & A.
    6. Certificate of participation and/or presentation shall be given to candidates who are physically present only. In-absentia presentations and Skype presentations are strictly avoided.
    7. The first page of the full paper should have title of the paper, name(s) of the authors, Institute(s) of affiliation.
    8. The second page should have Author(s) Profile with name, designation, institutional affiliation, educational qualifications, and contact numbers and email ids.
    9. The third page should have title, name of the author(s), and an abstract.
    10. The complete paper should be sent to the email id –
    11. Out station candidates shall be provided with sharing accommodation depending on availability. The charge for accommodation is exclusive of Registration fees.
    12. The main author and the co-author should pay the registration fees in order to present the paper.
    13. All queries regarding the conference may be addressed to anyone in the Conference Committee.
    14. All the papers shall be reviewed by a team of experts and the notification of acceptance shall be within a week.
    15. Selected best papers shall be published in SLSH International Multidisciplinary Law Journal BALANCE. All the papers shall be released as conference proceedings with ISBN number.

    Note : Click here for the Registration form and Mode of payment


    Any queries with respect to the conference, accommodation, etc. may be addressed to: or call 7093921243/44

    Chief Mentor :Dr. M. I. Baig, Director

    Conference Convener :Dr. Sukhvinder Singh Dari, Deputy Director

    Conference Secretary :Dr. Prageetha G Raju, Associate Professor  and Prof. Abhijit D Vasmatkar. Asst. Professor

    Publicity & PR Committee :Dr. Dibyakusum Ray, Asst. Professor and  Prof. R.Radhakrishnan, Asst. Professor

    Review & Publications Committee :Dr. Ashok Kumar Pamidi, Associate Professor  and Dr. P B ShankerRao, Adjunct Professor

    ProgrammeCommittte :Prof. SrinivasMethuku, Asst. Professor Prof. K Shanthi, Asst. Professor

    Event Coordination: Prof. M. V. Chandramathi, Asst. Professor21

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