Fourth Day of NUSRL Protest

Simran Sahni

14 April 2017 9:59 AM GMT

  • Fourth Day of NUSRL Protest
    75 hrs later, students withhold protest on concrete actions.The fourth day of NUSRL protest finally brought respite to the students sitting on the locked down gates for 75 hrs. Since morning, police forces were deployed outside campus. The students continued their peaceful protest by sitting inside sticking to their demands. Around 11:30 am, the newly appointed Vice Chancellor incharge came to the University along with S.S.P Ranchi, SP Ranchi (rural), Deputy Commissioner Ranchi division, A.D.M (Law & Order), S.D.M (law & order), Hon'ble MLA from Kanke Mr. Jitu Charan Ram.

    He along with all other dignitaries addressed the students seeking to negotiate and urging the students to withdraw the protest. The students made it very clear that they would not budge until and unless visible concrete actions are taken and just reassurances would not suffice.

    The Vice Chancellor addressed all the five demands of the students in the following manner:

    1. He guaranteed that though the previous vice-chancellor has been asked to take a long leave, “the clocks will not turn back” and the students will not have to face the same plight again.

    2. All the audit reports will be published on the university website within a time period of 15 days.

    3. A separate finance commission would be set up in the university with external highly qualified personnel as its head.

    4. The Vice Chancellor in charge guaranteed mobilization of funds within a period of one month.

    5. The vice chancellor in charge also guaranteed that the process for establishment of a review commission would be initiated in accordance with the statute.

    The minutes of the meeting were recorded and duly singed by the vice chancellor-in-charge and all other dignitaries as witnesses. The protest has been withheld only on the condition that visible actions will be taken in accordance with the minutes in the stipulated time period and reserve their fundamental right to go on the protest again in case concrete actions are not taken.
    The students opened the gates as the vice chancellor in charge took his office. The students have decided to place their faith in this new administration only in accordance with minutes and have resolved to protest again in case no concrete visible action happens within a period of 15 days.

    Read the minutes of the meeting here.
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