GNLU: Certificate Course On Economics Of Regulation And Globalization

manav malhotra

9 Feb 2018 3:16 PM GMT

  • GNLU: Certificate Course On Economics Of Regulation And Globalization

    GNLU Center for Law and Economics is organising a Certificate Course on Economics of Regulation and Globalization from 12 - 16 February, 2018.

    About the Course:

    Even if regulation is often considered from a merely national point of view, globalization  constitutes a new context for regulation. Not only is it impossible to regulate efficiently some issue at the national level (e.g. to solve problems like drug trafficking or climate change), but globalization is also exercising pressures on national regulation for it to remain “attractive” (in order to attract businesses, foreign direct investment and strengthen economic growth). To face the new challenges of globalization for regulation, some are considering the need for global or regional harmonization, others are emphasizing the benefits of fragmentation. This course will inquire into this double movement using the tools of law and economics (i.e, considering that law as a tool of social engineering which aims’ to incentivize economic agents).  This course will address questions ranging from accountability standards to environmental and human rights treaties, to WTO regulation or arbitration. It will enable the students to develop a critical approach regarding these regulations.

    Course Duration: 

    The Course is designed to give the recipient both a holistic view of Law and Economics as a discipline and all the same provided opportunities to explore specific areas affected by its application. Lecture will be conducted by the instructor entirely in English. This will be done through 15 hours of intensive session (3 to 5 hours per day).

    Cost for Participants:

    • GNLU Students: 1000/-

    • Other Participants (Without Accommodation): 1500/-

    • Other Participants (With Accommodation): 4000/-

    • *Each Participant has to bear additional cost for food as per GNLU Catering Charges.

    Who Can Apply?

    Under Graduate students pursuing & Post Graduate student pursuing (Law, Social Science, Commerce, and Management), Professional and Academicians


    12th February, 2018 (or till seats are available). This is subject to the availability of seats on that particular date.

    How to Apply?

    The course has a capacity for 20 participants. So we will confirm participants on first come first served basis. The application process would be closed after receiving the first 20 candidates.

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