GNLU to start Certificate Course on Fundamental Understanding of The Indian Contract Law

Nikita Hora

20 Sep 2015 6:28 AM GMT

  • GNLU to start Certificate Course on Fundamental Understanding of The Indian Contract Law

    Gujarat National Law University(GNLU) is organizing certificate course on Fundamental Understanding of the Indian Contract Law.

    Law is an integral part of every human being which governs all the acts and deeds of every individual. To maintain discipline and peace, the government of every country enacts variouslaws to safeguard the life of its citizens thereby protecting them and guiding them. Likewise,in India too, there are various laws which are enacted and are in force to maintain disciplineand peace and protect the citizens. The Law of Contract is one such law which has its presencein almost every sphere of life, be it doing a business ortrade, be it for living, or buying or selling goods and servicesor any other thing. There is no act or deed which is donewithout an agreement. This agreement is a form of contractwhich the parties agree to.

    In the legal profession, especially for the contract law attorneys,it is thus very important to have a fair and clearidea and knowledge of the Contract Law. There are manyprofessionals who have to make decisions in their organizationswhich involve contractual bindings. On many occasions,there are transactions which are taking place withoutproper understanding of the type, nature and the knowledge of the contents of theagreements. Such cases create confusion and difficulties in mutual understanding. Hence,to assist or help them in such confusions and situations, the role of the contract lawyerplays a crucial role.


    1. To provide an overview and understanding about Common Law principles governing the Law of Contract.

    1. To focus on the formation of different types of Contracts in this age of globalization.

    1. To understand drafting of different forms of contracts.


    This course is designed for students who would get a basic overview of the Contract Law before studying it in-depth during the course of their legal education. · This course will further prove to be beneficial in understanding the basic legal terms in the law of contract and learn about the different kinds of contract and their formation.


    1. Last Date of Registration: 1 October 2015
    2. Duration of the Course: 3 October to 5 October,. 2015


    Registered student in any College/University under any discipline


    1. The participants can register by sending an email to along with thefollowing details:

                Name of the participant, Email id, Contact No., Class / Year,

                Name of the University / College

    1. Last date for Registration is 1st October 2015


    (Non Refundable): Rs. 1000/-

    (Including tuition fee/ study material/ exams/ registration /Kit/Refreshments/Outdooractivity)


    Fees to be paid in the form of Demand Draft issued in favour of “Gujarat National Law University” payable at Ahmedabad, from any nationalized bank with the name of the participant,contact number and email id on the reverse side of the Demand Draft.


    1. Lectures, Simulation, Interaction, Question-Answer session.
    2. Exercises, Presentations and/or Group Discussions and Case Studies / Examples will beconducted.
    3. Drafting Exercise of Contracts


    Reading / Study Material (consisting of Bare Act, Overview of the Law of Contract, SampleAgreements / Contract, and Case studies) will be provided to every participant after registration.


    1. A Written Test shall be conducted in the form of Objective Pattern with the help of Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs).
    2. Drafting a Contract


    Day 1: 3 October 2015 (5 Hours)

    1. Overview of the Indian Contract Act, 1872
    2. Basic Definitions of the Contract Act
    3. Genesis and Evolution of Contract Act
    4. Classification of Law – Public Law and Privat Law
    5. Elements of Contract
    6. Kinds of contract
    7. Parties to contract
    8. Essentials of contract (Offer, Acceptance,Consideration, Free Consent, Capacity toenter into contract, Legality of object)
    9. Contract Formation & Discharge
    10. Performance and Breach of contract.
    11. Remedies for breach of contract.
    12. Dispute resolution and arbitration

    Day 2: 4 October 2015 (4 Hours)

    1. Specific Relief Act, 1963
    2. Quasi-contracts, Contract of Guarantee, Contractof Pledge, Bailment
    3. Law of Agency
    4. E-contract, Essentials of e-contract

    Day 3: 5 October 2015 (5 Hours)

    1. Law of Partnership
    2. Introduction and nature
    3. History of partnership
    4. Essential features
    5. Types of Partnership
    6. Duties and rights of partners
    7. Law relating to the of Sale of Goods
    8. Introduction and concept
    9. Essentials of contract of sale of goods
    10. Kinds of goods, destruction of goods
    11. Conditions and warranties


    GNLU has a world class campus and an excellent library with rich resources in the form ofbooks, periodicals, journals, newsletters, online databases etc. along with 24/7 internet accessand wi-fi facility.


    Dr. Joshua N. Aston is the Dean – Students’ Welfare and Assistant Professor of Law at Gujarat National Law University,Gandhinagar, Gujarat, India. He has over 5 years of Teaching experience to the undergraduate and post graduate students.His areas of interests are International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law, MaritimeLaw, and Law of Contracts. He holds a PhD in Law from Symbiosis International University and has done International Criminal Law from University of Sussex, UK. Besides, he also holds a PG Diploma in Financial Managementfrom Symbiosis Institute of Business Management. He also has a wide range of publications to his credit whichincludes various articles, research papers and books.

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