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ILNU Brings NABARD & Ajeet Rural Development Foundation’s Support to Jamiyatpura Village

Institute of Law, Nirma University has been working in Jamiyatpura for a long time. They initiated this program to help improve the living standards of the people there.

This year, however, the institute has achieved a new benchmark in the work they are doing. A group of 11 students working towards women empowerment, with the National Social Service Unit of the Institute and the Legal Aid Committee were successful in bringing the support of NABARD and the NGO, AjeetRural Development Foundation.

NABARD is the apex institution working towards rural development by giving loans to farmers, organising self-help groups and through its famous bank linkage programme aiming towards financial inclusion. Ajeet Rural Development Foundation, headed by Ishwar Dodiya is a well-renowned NGO working in rural areas of Ahmedabad and Gandhinagar for formation of Self Help Groups and Watershed programmes.

On 9th April 2018, Dodiya visited the village, and spoke to a group of 20 women about the need for self- dependency and the importance and support of self-help groups for the same. He convinced the women to come together in a group and promised to help them further in laying down the policies for the group, conduct meetings, help the women earn their livelihood and continue to help the women till they are self-sufficient.

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