Internship at the Planning Commission of India


14 April 2014 3:43 AM GMT

  • Internship at the Planning Commission of India

    The Planning Commission was established in 1950 by a Government resolution and is vested with a number of duties, most importantly assessing the resources of the country and their optimum utilization. Five-year plans with defined objectives are launched every five years under its initiative for contributing to the socio-economic development of the nation. The Commission is chaired by the Prime Minister. The Commission calls for Summer (Unpaid) and Paid Internships.

    Familiarization of the students with the overall process of Planning at the apex body of the nation is the objective of the program. Law students who have a flavor for management, finance or economics will truly find this worth.

    Eligibility: Summer Internships are available to undergraduate students in addition to Postgraduate and Research Students. Paid Internships are available only to postgraduate and research students.

    Guidelines: Interested applicants are required to send their application in the pro forma along with their CVs by the 15th April, 2014 for summer internships and by the 15th December for paid internships. Applications may be sent by post to reach Administration-1 Section, Room No.416, Yojana Bhawan, Sansad Marg, New Delhi-110001. This can be emailed at also. A non-objection certificate from the institute of study is also required.

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