Invitation to Authors ; Internal Security Challenges and Laws in India

Nikita Hora

2 Oct 2015 12:53 PM GMT

  • Invitation to Authors ; Internal Security Challenges and Laws in India

    Internal Security is one of the important components of India’s National security. Initially, it was confined to maintenance of law and order, containment of communal violence and in very few cases, counter-insurgencies. India is a country, which has been faced both an external aggression as well as internal disturbances from the day of its birth. Threats for India’s Internal National security have many faces i.e. Insurgency, Terrorism, Communal Violence, Caste and Linguistic Violence. The rise of fundamentalist forces is posing the most serious threat to India’s security. Many legal and judicial steps have been taken to fight all these threats but at the same time threats are changing their faces with the time. Thus, the concept of the Internal Security, threats and laws related to thereto are in immediate need to be addressed. 


    Professors, Researchers, Practitioners and Students are invited to submit Chapters. All submitted chapters will be reviewed on a double-blind peer review basis. Authors are encouraged to include original works.

    Authors are requested to submit their manuscript electronically on or before 10/11/2015. In case you have questions after studying this document, please contact at or +91-7728891688 


    1. Cyber Crimes, Cyber Security and Emerging Cyber Crimes
    2. Technological challenges
    3. Corruption and Laws
    4. Threat due Vote bank politics
    5. Nexus between Crime, Insurgency and Politics
    6. Police-politician-criminal nexus
    7. Fundamentalist forces (Sectarian, ethnic, linguistic, Castes, Religion, Communal and secessionist violence) and Laws
    8. Domestic Dynamics Of India’s Internal Security
    9. Cross-border threats- Jammu and Kashmir Militancy
    10. Insurgency
    11. Left Wing Extremism
    12. Organized Crimes and Laws
    13. Economic Crimes and Terrorism
    14. Terrorism, in both its external and internal dimensions.
    15. Terrorism and different dimensions i.e. Narco, Maritime, Cyber and Economic etc
    16. Regional Groups and challenges
    17. Demographic Challenge
    18. Human trafficking,
    19. Illegal migration
    20. Law Enforcement, Legal And Judicial Systems
    21. Police Reform
    22. Border Security
    23. Related Human Rights Issues
    24. Other Internal Security challenges and Laws
    25. The research chapters should be a comprehensive review of contemporary relevant legal issues mentioned above. 


    Dr. Mithilesh Narayan Bhatt

    Assistant Professor of Law, Department of Law, Sardar Patel University of Police, Security and Criminal Justice, Opp. Gramin (Rural) Police Line, Daijar, Jodhpur- 342304 Rajasthan-INDIA

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