IV Indraprastha National Moot Court Comptetition, 2015

Nikita Hora

11 Aug 2015 5:38 AM GMT

  • IV Indraprastha National Moot Court Comptetition, 2015

    The IVth Indraprastha National Moot Court Competition 2015 is going to be held from 9th October 2015 to 11th October 2015.


    University School in Law & Legal Studies, GGS Indraprastha University, Sec- 16 C, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075


    The competition is open for ‘bona fide’ students who are pursuing an integrated 5 year BA.LLB. Programme or 3 year LL.B Programme in India. Such institution must be recognized by the Bar Council of India.


    1. Each team shall consist of a minimum of 2 members or maximum of three members. There shall be no circumstance whatsoever that a team consisting of three members be allowed to participate. No observer/ additional member can be part of s team in any capacity.

    1. In the case of the three member team, there shall be two speakers and one researcher in the team

    1. In the case of the 2 member team, there shall be two speakers only who shall be not eligible for the researcher’s test.

    1. The team shall identify such speakers and researcher during registration.

    1. Team shall not disclose the identity whatsoever, i.e. the name of their institution, city etc, or any other information that has the effect of disclosing their identity and affiliation with a particular university or institution, except in the registration form.

    1. Each team shall be allotted a team code and each participant shall given an individual code. Teams shall not disclose their identity or that of their institution or city etc. Any such disclosure shall result in disqualification subject to the discretion of the Organizers.


    1. All participating institutions have to confirm participation by sending an e-mail to the uslls@gmail.com by 26th August 2015 latest by 1700 hrs.

    1. Team shall post the hard copies of the filled registration form along with a draft of Rs. 5000/- by 1st September 2015 (1700 hours) to DrRakesh Kumar Handa (Moot Court Convenor), University School of Law and Legal Studies, GGS Indraprastha University, Sec-16-C, Dwarka, New Delhi – 110075.

    1. The draft of Rs 5000/- shall be drawn in favour of “ Registrar, GGSIPU”, payable at New Delhi.

    1. Formal registration of the teams must be done on 9th October 2015 at the venue at 1600 hours.

    1. Any change in the team composition should be intimated to the organizers before the Formal registration.

    1. No forms received after the deadline shall be considered for registration.


    1. All requirements have to be strictly followed. Non- adherence to the same shall result in disqualification subject to the discretion of the organizers.

    1. Each team shall prepare memorials for both the sides to the dispute. E.g Appellant and Respondent.

    1. The soft copies of the memorial from each side shall reach the Organizers on uslls@gmail.com.inpdfoe doc or docx format latest by 17th September 2015 before 1700 hrs.eg. Attachments shall be titled as (TEAM CODE) (A) for Appellant side and (TEAM CODE) (R) for Respondent side e.g. 007A and 007R.

    1. Submission made after 1700 hours, 17th September 2015 shall entail a negative penalty of 2 marks from each per day.

    1. No memorial will be accepted after 17th September 2015.

    1. One copy i.e. hard copy of the memorial from each side should reach the Organizers on this address by 22nd September 2015 to Dr. Rakesh Kumar Handa( Moot Court Convenor), University School of Law & Legal Studies, GSS Indraprastha University, Sec-16-C, Dwarka, New Delhi- 110075.

    1. The teams have to carry 3 copies of the memorial from each side and submit the same during formal registration.


    1. Cover Page: The cover page of the memorial must state the following :

    • Team Code on upper Left hand side corner.
    • The Case Title
    • Color of the cover must be Blue in case of Petitioner/ Appellant and red in case of Defendant /Respondent.

    1. The Party for which the Memorial has been prepared

    • The Table of Content
    • The Index of Authorities
    • The Statement of Jurisdiction
    • The Statement of Facts
    • The Statement of Issues
    • The Summary of Arguments
    • The Arguments Advanced
    • The Prayer

    1. Memorial General Format

    • Spacing: 1.5 Line Spacing
    • Margin: One inch Margin on all sides of each page
    • Font: The font for the body of the memorial shall be times Times New Roman, Size 12.
    • The Font for the footnotes: The foot of the footnotes shall be Times New Roman, Size 10.

    1. Memorials must be spiral bound only.

    1. Page numbering should be at the bottom middle of each page.

    1. The memorials must not contain any annexure/ photographs/sketches/exhibits/ affidavits etc.

    1. Teams shall cite authorities in their Memorials by way of Uniform Style of Citation.

    1. The maximum number of pages in each Memorial shall not exceed 35 pages including 20 maximum pages for Written Submission/ Arguments Advanced.

    1. The Memorials shall not, in anyway, disclose any fact pertaining to the identity of the Participating Team, its Members, or the Institution/College/University represented.
    2. Making Scheme of the Memorials: Every Memorial will be marked on a total of 100 marks and the team memorial marks will be the average of the total of both sides.


    1. Winning Team Award: INR 25,000

    1. Runners-up Award: INR 15,000

    1. Best Student Advocate: INR 5,000

    1. Best Memorial: INR 5,000

    1. Best Researcher: INR 5,000

    1. Certificates for participation will be given to all the participants.

    1. Separate Certificates will provided to the Semi- Finalists.

    1. All Certificates and awards will be presented to the participants only at the Valedictory Ceremony on 11th October 2015. The participants are advised to finalize their travel plan accordingly.

    1. The Certificates will not be provided to any participant who is not present at the Valedictory Ceremony and the same will not be sent by post/courier to participate under any circumstance whatsoever.


    1. Accommodation and Food will be provided to all the teams by the Organizers.

    1. Accommodation and Food will be provided from 9th October 2015 toll 11th October 2015 only.

    1. Conveyance will be provided to all the teams (except NCR teams) from the Station/ Airport on their arrival to the accommodation. Please note that this will only be done from 600 hours, 9
      October 2015. So team are advised to plan their travel accordingly.

    1. Teams must send their travelling details by 10th September 2015.


    1. 28th July – Release of Moot Proposition

    1. 26th August (1700 hours) – Last Date for Submission of Registration Forms along with the Demand Draft (Soft Copy)

    1. 1st September 2015 (1700 hours) – Last Date for Submission of registration form along with the demand draft (Hard Copy)

    1. 17th September 2015(1700 hours) – Last Date for Memorial Submission  (Soft Submission)

    1. 22nd September 2015 (1700 hours) – Last Date for Memorial Submission (Hard Copy)

    1. 9th – 11th October 2015- 4thIndraprastha National Moot Court Competition 2015


    In case any queries or clarification regarding the competition, the teams may contact:

    • A.P Singh

    • Anuj Kumar Vaksha

    • Ravinder Kumar

    • Rakesh Kumar

    • Rakesh Kumar Handa

    Or mail their queries at mootcourtcommittee.uslls@gmail.com .

    For more information click here.

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