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Justice P Sathasivam to be 40th Chief Justice of India; first CJI from Tamilnadu

Justice P Sathasivam will become the 40th Chief Justice of India on 19th July, 2013 succeeding Justice Altamas Kabir. Born into an agricultural family, Justice Sathasivam was the first lawyer in his family and in his village.

Justice Sathasivam hails from the Madras Bar and was elevated as a Permanent Judge of the Madras High Court on 8th January, 1996. On 20th April 2007 Justice Sathasivam was transferred to the Punjab and Haryana High Court and further elevated to the Supreme Court on 21st August 2007. Notably, Justice Sathasivam has not served as CJ of any High Court.

Justice Sathasivam will have around 282 days as the CJI till he retires on 26th April, 2014. Sathasivam will enjoy tenure of 2441 days in Supreme Court both as Judge and CJI. Justice G S Singhvi will be the only Judge to retire from the Justice Sathasivam led Supreme Court in 2013. Justice H L Gokhale will retire before Justice Sathasivam in 2014 and Justice Gyan Sudha Misra will retire a day after Justice Sathasivam retires. Therefore the collegium headed by Sathasivam will have a pivotal rule in the appointment of at least five judges. Reportedly, Justice Sathasivam seems to favour the collegiums system rather than a National Judicial Commission to appoint judges.

It was a Bench headed by Justice Sathasivam which upheld the conviction of Sanjay Dutt in the Mumbai blasts case. It was another Bench headed by Justice Sathasivam that set aside the conviction of Pakistani scientist Mohammed Khalil Chisti.

It was Justice Sathasivam who delivered the verdict in the controversial triple murder case of Stains. Justice Sathasivam upheld the conviction of Dara Singh in that case. Again, it was Justice Sathasivam who delivered the majority verdict in Reliance gas case.


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  • Dr.N.Krupanandam says:

    Respected sri. P. Sathasivan,
    On behalf of Hyderabad Maanagar Tamil Sangam, We are congratulate you on the occasion of your new appointment as the Governor of Telangana state. Hearty Welcome to Hyderabad
    Dr. N. Krupanandam
    Hyderabad Maanagar Tamil Sangam

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    The Chief justice of India (Supreme Court of India )

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    Yours faithfully,


  • mukesh says:

    kindly bring in changes in the mahila court. the petitioner and the respondents in mahila court are not like others. It is the women(subjectd to domestic violence).who enter into such courts with shame and less confidence. still it is not accepted in the society that women can go to courts. if the courts are not treating women in a proper way, what should be done? a magistrate especially a women should understand the feelings of such women. instead if the women is treated like a slave, the victim will be further detoriated. this is happening in the mahila court of madurai. please check this sir. kindly execute some changes in the system. women approach mahila court with lot of heaviness in the heart and a fear of facing life society with bleak future. please treat them with dignity

  • Nagesh says:

    Respected sir, Is it not possible to save our INDIA from too much of bad political leaders. INDIA is collapsed in all kind of sectors. due to political leaders.Requesting please take some action.Thanks.

  • GOUTAM BASU says:


    Honourable Sir

    I would like to inform you that my Late father Shri Birendra Nath Bose was freedom fighter who spend TWELVE years behind different jails.
    My father was arrested on24.12.1934, under BCLB act. And subsequent placed as an under trial Prisoner in the TITAGAR conspiracy case. Released on 26.8.1939
    In 1940 again arrested as security prisoner (Political) and released in 1945.
    Detained in several Jails
    1. Hizli Special Jail in 1940-1942
    2. Dacca central jail in1942-1943
    3. Buxa Special jail in 1943-1944
    4. Alipore Central jail in 1945
    He was award with TAMREPATRA by the DM of 24 Parganas, Alipore on 26th JANUARY 1973
    My father applied for freedom fighter pension on 24.07.1972 which was acknowledged on 27.1072 and it was refused on 13.03.1975 with a remark that his income was more than 5000/ per year (Declared by father, because he was genuine honest person) The income restriction was withdrawn by central government later on my father send reminders after reminder but no reply was sent to him.
    My father’s name appeared in the B R Register against SERIAL NO 34. Accordingly his case was recommended to the ministry for grant of pension under the dept; letter no 438-FPSDt 31.03.1975 subject to the condition that when his income would fall below Rs5000/, he might be sanctioned pension.
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    I appeal to your kind self, kindly look into this matter and direct the concerned department to pay FREEDOM FIGHTER PENSION FROM 1980 to 2000 (The year my mother died). TOTAL 20years
    With Warm regards
    Thanking You
    Yours faithfully
    D/24A Katjunagar, Kolkata700032
    MOBILE: 9830896479
    Attached you please find Invitation for Tamrapatra and letters
    His name was appear in the B. R. Register against Serial No 34

  • harmeet singh says:

    after removing error
    in punjab high court
    pspcl recruitment case
    division bench
    decision chaff are not seprated from grains
    but in that only electrical paper is leak means there is no connection between paper leak and non electrical persons .
    why non electric person are not consider as grains
    it is not justice

  • harmeet singh says:

    in punjab high court
    pspcl recruitment case
    division bench
    decision chaff are not seprated from grains
    but in that only electrical paper is leak means there is no connection between paper leak and non electrical persons .
    why non electric person are consider as grains
    it is not justice

  • Atul Seth says:

    My heartiest congratulation to Shree Sathasivam on ascending to the office of Hon’ble CJI. He is a person of true justice. May he bring justice to our country.